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I recently spotted a post on twitter that resonated so much with me i am tempted printed out in pasted on my wall it was from greta van susteren she's the journalist who defected from fox only to have her msnbc show abruptly cancelled this summer a fan had tweeted aware that he'd started watching her during the oj simpson trial he applauded how she reported on the case he wrote even when all evidence pointed to guilty you remained impartial greta read tweeted this with a common quote a jury does not decide innocent or not but whether prosecutor has proven beyond a reasonable doubt unquote it's an important distinction you have to look at criminal cases through two very different lenses in this country we lay people tend to look at innocence and guilt we don't care as much about what is provable as we do which true and we often view the work done by police and prosecutors with the some shin that there are viewing it through this same prism but they're not they're trained to look at the case is something they win or lose the system is in designed to find out who is guilty as much as it's designed to find someone guilty and once that conviction is obtained it's difficult beyond words to get it overturned even when someone can prove their innocent so let's look at the evidence that condemned william virgil to prison first i'll give an overview of the prosecution's case sort of my bullet point version of their opening statement that lays out the case you know what ammo they were armed with it'll feel like a lot of information at once but and what she did get a sense of how overwhelming the prosecution's case likely seemed to onlookers at the time generically the evidence fell into three categories physical eyewitness and biological more specifically based.

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