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In Washington right now is exhausted. The corruption fighting the Ying's crisis. It's gotten. The reality is there's no going back, and there's no such thing. As again in the real world. We can't look for greatness in the past. Now our country needs. On the mayor of south into the when I ride in office at the beginning of this decade, the national precedent in our city was dying on the outside. Didn't believe our city had a future. We propelled us cities comeback by taking our eyes off the rear view mirror. Being honest about changing and insisting on a better future. I belong to a generation that is stepping forward. Right now. We're the generation that lived through school shootings served in the wars after nine eleven generation that's fans to be the first to make less than our parents unless we do something new. On the system so broken season for boldness and a focus on the future leadership. The job of a leader is to call us to our highest values. That's. A new generation of voices emerging in our country. Walking away from politics and ready to deliver on our priorities. There is no again in the real world. That's not a bad thing. We're ready for a fresh start. Let's go show the world. The.

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