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The moments ahead right, now clearing skies downtown. Seventy three degrees following that torrential rain across the listening area WWE j.. News time, six oh six. Bishop Charles Ellis the third issuing an apology today after seemingly getting a little too friendly with pop star Ariana GRANDE Dame at yesterday's funeral for Aretha Franklin. Images and video from that event show Ellis's hand too close to ground as breast as he embraced her following her performance, of natural woman he tells the Associated. Press while quotes it would never be my intention to, touch anyone's, breast perhaps Quotes he crossed a border you also apologized for making a joke about her name saying it, sounds like something on. The menu at Taco Bell he says he did not want to be. A distraction, on the day. Belonging to Franklin meantime the Queen of souls legacy living on in addition to dozens of celebrities yesterday her loved ones also paying their respects at the funeral. At greater grace temple in Detroit her niece crystal Aretha Franklin was named after both her aunts my Robin never let Aretha, forget that her name came first but. Aretha would laugh and say they saved the best for, last She was known as Queen Masao but to me she was just my former President Bill. Clinton musician, smokey Robinson and mayor Mike Duggan were just a, few of, the big names who took the stage to speak, during today's event w w j news time is six oh eight.

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