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The top stories were following for you today on WTO U.S. Supreme Court Justice clarence Thomas is being treated at sibley memorial hospital in D.C. for an infection The justice is receiving intravenous antibiotics and is said to be resting comfortably Judge katon G Brown Jackson the first black woman nominated to the Supreme Court is going before the Senate Judiciary Committee today with the path to her historic confirmation seemingly clear the 51 year old Jackson has been a federal judge for the past 9 years The people's convoy is expected to make its presence known again this week in the district If it goes like last week the convoy will ride along I three 95 and two 95 in police will block off ramps to prevent the convoy from going into downtown D.C. Stay with WTO P for more information on these stories in just a few moments It's 1247 Sunday was the first day of spring if you're the type who does spring cleaning the shelves at the goodwill need to be stocked with donations If it's good enough that you might give it to a friend or family member then it's generally going to be good enough to resell it a goodwill store Brendan Hurley of goodwill of greater Washington says 91 cents of every dollar earned goes to programs We are in a very tough economy and goodwill provides members of our community a second chance through our free job training and employment programs Goodwill has 22 stores in the region 20 have donation centers Christie king WTO P news Traffic.

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