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I called Kentucky game in this these. Now granted I did call their loss to ole miss shout out to coach yo, but that was a tough game for them without Macy Morris. But I think how smooth Ryan is, you know. And obviously, your concern is okay. So she can score it, right? She can take over game. I love the way she rebounds her to Nassau County. But you're concerned coming into the tournament. She's a freshman like how many teams are we talking about entering the tournament being led by freshman? Not that many and definitely not that many that we have a shot to advance to the Sweet Sixteen. So that is the only thing but other than that. I mean, they've got you know, Macy, and you kind of feel like Kentucky is rejuvenated. But when you are facing. You know teams that just have more NCA experience. You know, if they do end up running up against I mean, NC state that's going to be a challenge. Because state does have you know, experience. But what do you what do you think? Do they have what it wakes? The thing about Ryan Howard is that with Taylor Murray, and they see more. It's kind of like Ryan than what the game come to her. So she it's not all on her shoulders. And to me I was wondering when she came to SEC tournament if she was going to be like, oh, you know on the lights. It's a huge. Pageantry. You know, she was unfazed. I mean in the fourth quarter against Missouri. Granted they didn't win. You know, she she wanted the ball. She demands it and she hits the shot from not worried about her come into a tournament time about about being a freshman. She's a sophomore now, she's already grown up like she's rude on but Kentucky, you know. I talked to coach Mitchell just the other day, and they've spent a lot of time working on their defense. And that's kind of been the difference. I feel like with Kentucky this year is they're getting they're getting back to defending turning people over. And then now you've got a player like Ryan Howard. When you need a basket toss score. I mean, that's kind of how she can roll. And that's nice to have if you're if you're Matthew Mitchell. I just worry about their waxes post players. I mean, it really have a huge post presence. And if they want to go up against NC state, you know, that's the challenge, you know, what who's going to dictate style. But I just think Ryan Howard is a player that I put my money on you know, I think I really liked their chances. You know, west more you cover the ACT a lot what he's done this year, given everything all the adversity that they've had speaks for itself, but Kentucky's a different team this year. And I think he came McKinney might be healthy, and that's one of their post player she had a concussion and the SEC tournament. So if they're at full shrink, and they're healthy, they're turning people over everyone's click in. I mean, Kentucky's a really good team. You know, they played really good really well in the non conference. So that's those are two teams. They become no one's really talking about. But I think they're really good which I really do have really good in post play. We will end on Mississippi State because you. Transition. Yes, you have seen a lot of tear mccowan, and I really enjoyed your interview with the Schaefer family that was so well done untold said a lot about Vic. I mean, we see these coaches, but when you hear their family about them definitely brings a different dimension. But you know, some people were surprised to see Mississippi State as a one seed, especially because they ended up not having to necessarily play the cream of the crop in the SEC coming through the tournament. But they didn't get that one. See they will be in Portland, Oregon, ducks are the number two seed. So actually there's concern there. But is this team primed to make it to the final four make it back to the final four. Absolutely. I think second to Notre Dame. I think Mr. de stayed is playing the best basketball team in the country. Ha having seen them throughout the year..

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