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But the implication of that to see inside of our body is profound, and I left my cushy job at Facebook. Because I thought no one seeing this every brain cells working on air VR, good luck to you. It's not gonna happen. Very quick. Because of those four reasons, but we transform healthcare and leverage. The trillion dollar consumer electronics supply chain and all this sort of stuff that they were doing for the freebie sensing and use it in a much more interesting way. So that's what we're doing. And it's really amazing that we're able to find tumors and the resolution that we got we were just trying to match them resolution. We got a billion times higher than. Arrive resolution, which was just shocking to us first product will probably just match, but we can like read and write neurons potentially with this technology, and it's shocking to us that everybody's missing because they're focused on you know, like. First person shooter games in VR, and you know. That was fun with us fifteen to. But you know, you move on. I think we have time for just one quick question and quick cancer. Anyone has one don't be shy. Mike there. It's a small question. It's about oxygenation. So you're looking at difference in color of blood. Can you get down to the level of percent oxygenation, man? That would be a really nice extra get medical get two percent of oxygenation. And then also flow, which is not just not just the way it is. But how it's flowing. Awesome. And then we can also deliver photodynamic therapy that like can kill Ramon ya reduce chemo doses by fifty x and also the focused ultrasound, which are already using where if we apply that rather than a micro second for fifteen seconds. We can ablaze tissue up in the blood brain barrier deliver drugs to local areas and on and on and on we're working with focused ultrasound foundation. And that we don't know as much as they do on it. And that's in the proof for use by FDA for a variety of different conditions. Yeah. Well, this has been fascinating. Wanna thank you for joining us so much Mary. Lou pleasure. Having me. Thanks for listening to our interview with Mary Lou jepsen from wired twenty-five Commonwealth club in California a couple of weeks ago. Hope you enjoyed that. And stay tuned for more interviews from the festival in upcoming episode 's should we end recommendations, let's do it. All right. You go first. Okay. So do you guys ever look up at the sky and think to yourself? What is all that stuff up there? Little Dipper every time I look up. I'm like, it's a Dipper can you? Okay. Real question, can you accurately locate the little Dipper, maybe the big Dipper? Yeah. A little different. I don't think Mike new accurately locate any constellations, I don't know if you know this about me, but I'm an eagle scout. I can use this one hundred nights camping award. Well, so you can is what you're saying. All right. My favorite show off. What is is? Just a w I have always lived in cities grew up in a city, and as such have very little grasp on what is happening above my head at night. But I think constellations are so cool and so beautiful, and when you get to be someplace where it's very dark and clear, and you can see lots of shiny stars and planets and blinking things up in the blanket of night. It's it's so to be with someone who can identify what is happening up there and is not me. So I have done something very enterprising which is download an app. What you can also download called Skyguide, which uses augmented reality technology to show, you what you're looking at in the sky. So you basically download it. It works without WI fi works without cell reception. So you can be like in the middle of nowhere plot this app. Open it pointed at the sky, and it based on your orientational, it can tell you what exactly are looking at. So it can point out like that's a planet and its Mars, and you know, that because it's like a little bit like orange tinted or it'll say like this is this constellation. And even if it's like, maybe a little bit cloudy. It will still sort of show. You exactly what you're looking at..

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