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Is about specialization. I mean you're not wrong. In that way nobody but that said. I don't think that it's it's wrong to encourage someone to learn the basic activism skill of pointing a video camera. Something if you're gonna go somewhere you're alone or something and that's what she's doing she's going alone in and this is a bad idea. Plan to own is in bad company. No doubt about it. And i know that there are activists in nashua. I just don't know where they are. I know how she could get in touch with them. I don't know what they did. They think they have meet up. Maybe we should make doesn't lend their frank. he lives in manchester. Let's off there. Let's shut down free. Keenan start free new hampshire and start as no reason to shutdown freaking. I'm sorry let's not and shutdown expanded. Its purview to enclo- hampshire. But every time i've added someone from some other area they've never performed. They've never With with the exception of lear at work. It's not my problem if you've got something to do if you're interested in reporting on a thing i've brought people into free keen from manchester and elsewhere and they right like one blog and then that's it they're done so i love your idea. Nobody but no one has done this successfully as of yet nobody invalid there used to be a free grafting blog that got shut down because the guy that ran it left town and that's really been only other attempt and that free concord with guarantee and he did it too and then he moved to king. That's that's why. I say that we've got to. We've got to professionalize the movement somewhat. We've gotta get just like every other nonprofit organization or movement we've got to have donations coming in and we've got to be paying the people on the ground because you can't spend your whole life. Doing something and not getting paid and doing doing activism is not conducive to your day job. Whatever your day job is and like to say that the camera. If she had a camera on while she was doing this it could have been kind of like the weapon that kept her from getting kicked out. The absolutely should have camera. She's going to do the does she have a phone like she could use your phone. That's what i'm suggest for one one. You don't have to do crazy. You know expensive video camera. Almost everybody has a phone and almost every phone has a camera. You know so you can do this. You just have to put it into into play. And it's hard to do it to have to be doing all the roles. It's much easier if you've got a cameraman with i agree with you. I agree with you. that's why i do that for you and you do that for me some. Yeah and that's why it helps to be around a group of activists and ask for help. If you're not willing to ask for help then you better learn how to do it yourself because otherwise you're gonna get pushed around. There's more coming up here hour three next look. 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You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network broadcasting live twenty percents newsbeat. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by on facebook twitter and instagram serve. The public service still newscast aboard the eleven. Twenty twenty one. I might differ health. Experts are pressing colorado's governor jared polis to distribute kobe vaccines to denver's homeless population. Who have no other option. But to in large group settings danika lee is deputy director of denver's kobe response team. She says the risk of exposure for staff and clients at shelters is extremely high and people experiencing homelessness are at much greater risk of sickness and death. We know that we have disproportionate rates of african americans and next people including people as well with commodities and so able to reach this group of people is a priority for the city and county of denver because people without homes cannot self isolate and travel across the city for services leary's outbreaks. It's shelters could quickly spread in overwhelm. Local hospitals police told reporters this week. That people sixty five and older experiencing homelessness can receive vaccines but said shots in younger arms would cost lives. I'm eric gladys advocates say getting also to residents and staff vaccinated at the same time would be more efficient and require fewer trips now. These bullet points from cnbc regarding data to of trump impeachment trial to house impeachment managers arguing that for president. Donald trump sided insurrection against the government used graphic video and audio of the january six. Us capitol riot to recreate the events. Security footage shows former vice president. Mike pence senate majority leader. Chuck schumer and senator mitt romney of utah among others rushing away from the mob. He prosecutors from the house or making arguments to jurors who lived through the very attack and the fight against food apartheid of california to boost this at the los angeles. County board of supervisors voted to create food justice roundtable to explore ways to reduce hunger and make healthy food more accessible one program doing just that is called market match which gives people who qualify for food assistance programs such as cow fresh pandemic or wick an extra ten dollars to spend at farmers markets by velazquez. Dns worse with sustainable economic enterprises known as l. a. which runs multiple farmers markets. She says poverty worsened by the pandemic has driven a lot more customers to use market match. There have been line of people wrapped around the block at some market. Took up the incentive whereas before it used.

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