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If the people don't really look at you like a scar now is not gonna work matter how much money you could onto not a as they are reluctant this dude at the wrong way to they spent a whole lot of money put all this money invested in this and it ain't you the people got investing you the best to you did it ain't even a bus paid liz just about communication making the music and they love and if you keep making the music they blood 'cause i am really me she added she was when i was independent just signed in december so i was independent all the time so you was elliara way lilian jeannie like my package type 2 when k to unite and got i really had speech should know about like a lewis matt le met computer my age you'll means it's joke you invested in your business yeah that's my business of making music inmate so i guess some equipment studios never i want to get out i can get a day likes they store love initiatives wanna hear more and more than i can't be weight man which outdoor y'all got to studio open stiff fox news koa nail on a record why ride that's the best a smart investment it was a man named jimmy i bean russ and it's called records he told me a long time ago you get your first piece of money by a studio lombarno gold chains on bilateral house obama cars by you studio because studios was always keep your word and keep you allied investing you yeah so you off to the right star ask what you don't.

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