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Way you tore it around like in neighborhoods that otherwise didn't weren't, you know, interesting necessarily food destinations and and born out of for sure the arrival of young folks, but also this kind of revelation that occurred in the last ten twelve years that there's money here in DC, and that, you know, people with money will will, you know, willing to pay for interesting food. Yeah, it's a generational thing. I mean, if you think about when our parents traveled, you know, I would imagine where someone close in age when our parents traveled they weren't getting out. You know, the voters booked decide what restaurant they were gonna eat at and they would just eat it, whatever the person at the hotel. L told him to get her. They need it the most famous place or they eat wherever the hell. They just came across walking down the street and people have our generation the first thing you do when you get ready to go travel. At least first thing, I do is think about where I'm gonna eat where I'm going to drink. And so as people in their thirties and forties, become the people that are defining culture. They're defining it and through the lens of things that they're passionate about and that's often food and drink. And I think it's benefit of all of us. And I'm glad you used the word lens. It's not just the the intrigue in the research that you put into it. It's that nowadays that once you've arrived in this place. And indeed is delivering what its reputation portended. You wanna celebrate that you wanna share it with with your with your culinary comrades? You're taking pictures. Your put your talking about it, you know, in in in in the newspaper now, that's your job. But like the rest of us were just celebrating these great meals that we are getting in these in these great places. I'm interested in how in this particular topic. How it's felt to be in Montreal at this at this kind of food moment, you know, Montreal was a fascinating place to me. I was there. Also this summer. It was unlike I've ever really been. I think I compare it to the mash up of like, Brussels, Brooklyn, New Orleans. That the match up. Exactly, you can get into trouble and some of those places just in terms of the well in terms of the French influence with New Orleans, and also Belgium and also the the architecture that the heft of the food that I found that. You'd also find 'em Belgium and just feeling like it's kind of its own little world. And you know, I only spent a few nights there. So, you know, I don't wanna be faked cultural anthropologist, but they're very complex and rich about what's what's going on with immigration there. The way people have integrated themselves the way in which they one immigrants from certain countries that are French-Speaking. And if you're not you need to learn French when you get there, you know, they're very protective of their culture, which is very much a French thing. And and it's a place that likes to eat and drink a lot. I was there in the summer. And so you know is nice in eighty four degrees. But you know, it's cold up there lot. It's like every time. I got into an Uber with a every time I got to ride share with an emigrant that moved there from French speaking country, whether as Africa, whether somebody that spoke French and move there from the Middle East the islands, you know, say well, how do you like it? And they almost all say, it's cold, and Like. you're like. Right. It's really freaking cold. And another thing. That's why you know places like up dick, Sean surf the way they do. I don't know if you've made it up there, but it was one of Dan favorite restaurants famously, and they would do things like a half duck stuff with flog running cooked it Suvi and maple syrup. I have I haven't been Montreal. But I haven't I haven't all I didn't eat steak when I was there. Oh, Where'd you get Joe beef? I this was the beginning. It was two thousand nine hundred ninety nine two. So I don't even remember changed their none of the places I went I don't think we're open and two thousand so like Joe beef, which is this famously tough rather vision tough table, I slipped into the bar there by myself..

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