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Lascelles fifth, Still a 2.5 game lead over the Dodgers magic number. 16 will continue to pour over the post game from the Giants. Headed to the post season for the first time in 2016, those you have passed headlines now back to the leadoff spot. 30 something with an old soul continues this season. Adam Copeland on the leadoff spot here at on your Google home Smart speaker by saying play KNBR. Did not mention the other news out of 49 camp yesterday. Just some some administrative stuff that had to happen where he most are. We officially find out his get that chip knee cartilage eight weeks. He's going to be out now as they I'm going to go to Elijah Mitchell. I guess Trey sermon and And, of course, your Michael hasty. The other guys on that Russia would be the three running backs. They dress at this point or from here on out to some people already asking Frank Gore a possibility said again, maybe 100 spring back to crazy that it's like It's not that outlandish. To suggest that maybe a veteran like frank or would be available and then the other, really, just sort of bummer and sad news For Jason Verrett. It is a tornado cl He's out for the season now, and the 40 Niners are finalizing a deal per sources. To David Lombardi of the athletic to sign veteran defensive back and corner Dre Kirkpatrick. They could still be in on Richard Sherman and could still have some interest in Richard Sherman as well. So, uh, some other stuff going on with the 49 ers there as far as the health of the roster is concerned for 15 checks back in It's the same texture on the cash free text on a few minutes ago, said comes the same old pottery thing. You don't want to piss them off. I said, Well, the Giants already clinched a playoff berth. I said Padres are going to keep him from the post season and for 15. This texture came back and said, Yeah, but I want the easiest path to a division title, said Broke. The Padres are the easiest path to a division time. That's my point. Same old Dres. Let's get into more of the postgame celebratory sound from yesterday. That's Of course, if I can find my little cut sheet here, Dave that I just had and now appears to be gone. I think we did start with Buster Posey is our next guy who we're going to go to here. How about this dude takes 2019 off, and, uh I mean, last year we It was one of those things where you realised, boy not having that catcher back there. Regardless of the offence. This guy can put up or had put up and had not put up in the previous couple of seasons. Regardless of that, or you separate that you go boy, the defense and the way he handled the pitching staff. Some we have not thought about for over a decade, so you don't have to worry about and he's not only like fantastic that back there where you don't think about it. He's Lou, probably the best, if not second, Best in the game behind Yadi Molina when it comes to how you handle a pitching staff as a catcher. He's just been the best in baseball Get capture, says he goes to him at times and asked his opinion on strategic situations in games and rights to pick busters brain and get his take. And Evan Longoria, I think is another one, a guy who he played with so Buster Posey back into the postseason, a guy who spent the first several years of his career going to the playoffs winning World Series. It's been a long time 2016. The last time Buster was in the playoffs, they asked him Um, how this felt Especial. It's been a while, Um you know, it's been five years, I guess since we've been able to do this, so, um, obviously, uh, like there's still more work to do, But I think it's important to celebrate just the opportunity to have to play in the playoffs and, uh, a lot of hard work going into it. And it was good to celebrate with everybody. Yeah, it was really cool. As far as the celebration goes, Gabe Kapler. We were talking about this earlier, the subdued celebration on the field. Which I think was Again. I think it was sort of the right way to do it. Just in that the Giants fans have bigger aspirations. Fans who are around now remember the World Series. It's not just like going to the post season is the end all be all. So while it's the first game capital and his staff wants the first for some of these young guys on this roster guys like Logan Web Marie should abandon. It was option down yesterday. But you've got guys who had not been to the postseason in a long time, if ever on this roster, and so you've got to have some celebration for game capture, talked a little bit about doing the celebration quite or On the field and then celebrating sort of behind the scenes bigger with each other. I maybe I I think these this is a pretty focused and even killed team or you've got Quite a few World Series champion World Series champions in that room, and, um people who understand that this is you know, one step in the direction that we want to go, but not the not the ultimate goal. Um and I thought it was. I thought it was celebrated appropriately by by our group on the field and probably a little bit more a little rowdier and You know, kind of getting after it a little bit more in the clubhouse, which is no 11. Good way to do 85 of the cash through Texas and Texans as Giants clinched in 2010 against the Padres, But it was on the last day still, But yeah, the potteries had a crap the bed like all of August. It's September. In order for the Giants to even have that opportunity is my point. Padres have been crapping games away and divisions away and there was supposed to be the top of the division..

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