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How many barrels of oil a treasury bond bought it was pretty consistently between fifth i want to say that my head fifteen or twenty to thirty barrels of oil portraying bond for almost thirty years and so to directly answer your question what i think is happening is is again chinese china is looking to increase their own domestic flexibility economically which pay of you want to currency best would reduce that flexibility so having setting up a system of parallel system at the time being with key creditors like russia like saudi other opec nations where there is a gold oil ratio where they manage the ratio of those two that can adjust over time but my guess is you'll see that ratio that that'll be the ratio they managed to that would affectively if you re set up a system where gold is made much bigger relative to oil or sdr's made much bigger relative to oil and you've you've fix a lot of the imbalances in the system and you create a system that allows you to maintain your flexibility as china while also circumventing the dollar system but look you would need a mate you all countries to to be able to store that physical supply of all that oil so i mean what do you think the outlook for that would be in the future in terms of storing the physical supply yeah i mean before like chinese can go in and make these contract with with these countries and denominating they own currency basic move some of the oil supplies away from the old based dollar standard.

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