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Now that was an excellent call back joke but I unfortunately have been beset today. I would I believe be more difficulties than any show we've ever done in the history of this show. I'm not sure if people understand how funny the joke you just made is because I'm not totally positive. We were even on the air the first two times they you read those sports flashes like Bristol. I'm sorry Bristol. It's not surprising to me the day after you get our gifts from here that you're just a total complacent bleep show not surprising at all the number of mistakes that have come from up there. There's been nobody here today. Who has done their job. Well and every am I wrong. Am I wrong when I say that this show today has been haunted? It has been beset by more difficulties than any show. We've ever done on the air without question. Maybe there was a shoeless state to Miami Lakes early on when we first started out there was more difficult than this but it certainly in the top five dances or make a top five list. This has been technically challenging. I not certain if any of it's been on the Air I am hopeful none of its bid on the air but I have a feeling all its on the air. I don't know I don't know but some of the jokes call backs can't work if we weren't on the air when the other Joe being made this has been. This has been a rough one. I'd say the first couple of weeks where we kept dropping out in on connections was this is gone. A solid two months. We've had a show now. This is this is the worst radio day of my life. I just wanted stated for everybody. This is the one. Dan's already said like he's not coming in all Monday he's just finally I'm out I am I. Am We more than this because we're floating at sea here with an assortment of inconveniences? That really make it difficult for us to produce more content than we ever have. Yeah if you're not coming in Monday. I don't think I'm gonNA come in Monday. I could tell you the guy who seems strangely oddly. Happy today because he's add one of the most arithmetic weeks in the history of radio. Not Just Sports Radio Radio General Chris. Cody seems happy. To buys enough. I think what's happened here is that Chris has been the best of us today. Chris Palley because he just hasn't done anything wrong instead of spending the whole week. Doing things wrong today gets to sit it out as everyone else does something wrong. You're familiar with the CLICHE. A rising tide lifts all boats. The exact opposite happened with Chris. Cody so the story. That David Samson told the live up to your expectations. We were talking for two days about this conversation that Mike Ryan had with David Sampson. The Darren rebel gives me credit for thank you. Darren reveal billy. Did the story live up to the hype in terms of what you found out. That usually don't have any access to because when these rich people fight you never find out about the details. You know a cute story that David told I'm kind of worried. If I'm going to be honest I know he doesn't like me but I'm kinda worried like he's very he really doesn't like Derek jeter like at all. I don't think they're all about that bus. Okay fine some buses gone. I just feel like you know. GotTa let go of the year thing and I also don't believe that there jeeter bought the Marlins just so a rod couldn't doubt I mean that's ridiculous. Wow Mike believes that. Mike says he believes that man a-rod and jeeter that is an interesting relationship and I learned from sources other than Sampson. Jeeter and a-rod Rod. We're going after the marlins like that's not just a Sam Sampson concoction. That was something that led Arrow back to Miami. He would have loved to have the Marlins I mean. I believe that era. I would've liked to have the marlins when you see geeder sitting there all alone eating sad popcorn like the fourteenth inning on a Wednesday game. He's doing that to make sure a rod couldn't be sitting in that seat. That's a good point. I don't believe that Derek jeter got into Major League baseball ownership because he just wanted to hold that over. Alex Rodriguez but the second that Alex Rodriguez became interested in the same team. I do believe that there was a secondary goal. Don't you think billy that a rod is going? After the mets the mets were two point. Six billion dollars for eighty percent of the mets and a rod tried to get into that game with J. Lo and with J. J. P. Morgan as well and still they didn't have what was necessary to make that conquest. You don't think that a rod absolutely wants to compete with jeeter and the competition to be ownership of team because of an around jeeter both of them. Obviously you WANNA make money too. But you don't think you'd think the competition between them just dies as soon as they retire so you think that he wanted the mets because they could be a division rival. I think he'd just about that wants to have the status. Man Look A. Rod was a better player than jeeter. People don't know that people don't think that a rod is viewed as a cheater who's popular but most people in terms of the mythology and the the things that are around jeeter. They're all the things they rod wanted. A Rod wanted to be viewed the way JEETER is viewed in New York. And so I man. I think it's fascinating that David Samson absolutely during the sale of this team which sold for hundreds of millions of dollars more than it should have sold. It was driving up the price by making jeeter. Arrowed think that the other one wanted to show. Why wouldn't you believe wanted the team? Why wouldn't you believe that billy? How much of is an aside? How much does that saw? David Samson where it was his job to get as much money for the owner as possible to bring someone into fire him. Like that sucks. I mean one point. Two billion dollars doesn't suck but the billy's point it is never seemed like a satter time to be Derek jeeter and a more exciting time to be Alex Rodriguez. I mean I'll we certainly rod really did win by losing out of the Marlins so finally there you go Scott. This is the way that he gets ahead of cheater at the very end we update the polls opened the club neck these.

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