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For the troops to get there. For the cavalry to arrive, but for him to be able to slow up the onslaught of pedraza. It was brilliant. It wasn't talked about. But it was instinctive. It was his innate intelligence to understand what he had to do. It just at that moment when he was faced with survival, with winning the losing. What he needed to do, how he needed to behave and react. And he did. And he held him off enough with for the rest of them. He lost some of those late rounds. That's what made it close. But he was able to also hold enough ground in those late rounds with delete that he built for the first 7 rounds to win a fight by two three points. And keep his title. That's what I saw. That's what I appreciate it. That's what I wanted to fans to make sure that they could see it and appreciate. All the dimensions that go into this great sport. You know, mentally, emotionally, you know, technically, physically. Everything. So that was a terrific fight, really. I applaud both guys. They both behave like champions, but rather behaved like a former champion and bob boss of behaved like a champion who's just not ready to be a former champion. He's just not ready to be a former one. Not yet. Not yet. I love that. I love that pod from the movie. Gladiator, where they got the guys that are the gladiators, right? And Russell Crowe, you know, who's the great general? What's his name, general arm that became a slave? Maximus. Maximus maximum. How can I get back from a great maximus? And so maximum is with these with all these other slaves now gladiators and one of them is having a conversation before they go into another one of these death matches basically. And the guy says, do you believe in the afterlife? And maxim is the great maximus says, yes, I do. Do you believe you'll be with your family in the afterlife? He goes, yes, I do. But not yet. I love that. He goes, but not yet. Not yet. Create diet today. We ate diet today. I love it. And that's kind of what it was with Barbosa that someday he will have to probably have his title taken away from him. Somebody had taken away from him, but not yet. Not yet. Well, in the, in the main event, Emanuel navarrete lamb lamb Smith, lamb Wilson, what an incredible fight this was back and forth back and forth, both guys were awesome, but you know who wasn't awesome was referee Chris Flores. I think for me, the biggest takeaway, the only thing I could look forward in that portfolio. I mean, teddy knocks him done. That boy at that point found that was rough, I know. Never read some questions. I mean, he was out. He got caught a good shot. I think it hit him like he was way too much. I think they added up it was like 27. They didn't even talk about it, which was able to watch. It was crazy. It's like watching a crime. It's like watching a banker, rob. And you just watching a bank robbed and you watch, you're watching something, somebody get robbed down the street and you just stand in it saying, hey, you know, what are you getting for lunch? Are you getting tuna again today? Or you're gonna switch over to the chicken salad. Hey, there's something going on over here. There's a vertical going on here. I've been using for us to watch and kind of dismiss as business as usual. But just think for a second, really think about this. If that's your son, brother, best friend, how pissed off are you sitting there watching ref, what are you doing? Let's go get back at it. I haven't too often. That was his chance, man. This kid was an 18 to one underdog. I had no dog in this fight. I don't care who wins. Yeah, I will say this. I will. I miss him. I'm with you. The kid had a chance to do something special and the ref did everything he could to help that kid again. Probably never have it again. Probably never have it against like seeing Hailey's comet. You missing your message, seeing the eclipse of the moon. The total eclipse of the seriously. If you're not there at 10 o'clock on Monday night on December 8th, if you're not out there on that date, that they tell you that it's happening. You ain't seen it again. It's gone. It's done. Well, a lot of times that's what this is. You're right. This is their one shot. Everything lined up perfect for them. I never met for the title. If they don't, if they don't get it done, that day they ain't getting it done ever again. Get into one underdog. He had the kid hurt very badly with time to finish him. Who knows? Maybe he doesn't at the end of just, but I mean, can you please be fair? Can you please just count because if the roles were reversed, they would have been like, that ref would have given him the frigging as soon as he hit 8. He'd be like, go ahead. As soon as he realized the guy could still stand up, but nope, not this time, they made sure that he was perfectly fine. They did what they could to make sure he was recovered, but man, you have to feel for Lim Smith. And like I said, I had no dog in the fight. I don't care either way. I didn't care who won. But I love a competitive fight and you just hate to see someone get cheated. This just blatant cheating on behalf of the ref. I don't care. You can sugarcoat it however you want. You have one job, dude. You're the ref. Give the guy an 8 count. Make sure he's okay to continue and let's go. Not 27 seconds while you messing around with malt pieces and everything. Man, it's just a heartbreaking for the kid lamb Smith. I hate to see it. Never Rhett ends up stopping him. I think what's at the 9th, I'm sorry. I should know this, but he stopped him later at night. He knocked him down a couple times. He hadn't heard about it. It was a good stop, and she was out, it was over. It took over the 7 to 8 to 9th. The night. Listen, welcome to my world friend. All right, buddy. Welcome to my world. Almost 30 years of watching this stuff calling the fights on ESPN scene it over and over and over and over and over again. I mean, really, it does something to you after a while. It's like a 100%. It really, you know, to the point where I was trying to put together a national commission to stop this stuff. You know, with the late senator John McCain, the late great senator McCain, who was a hero of this country, you know, in a war. And he was a POW. And it's interesting that I wonder what I wonder what power is working against it. But believe me, there were pals working against it and some of those powers were given money that was public domain. We were able to look it up as we were going down the road with this, they were given our campaign, they were getting put it this way. Those powers that stopped it from happening, you know, in the government that we needed not to stop it from happening. To do what McCain wanted to do, which was to get this national commission which I wanted with other people with me wanted. There were pals in a government that they were getting campaign contributions from certain promoters that you might recognize their names, okay?

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