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Nineties. And all of that portlandia put a bird on it People from portland probably hate that image. And it's certainly much more complex a city than that. The rest of oregon is all over the place. I mean it can get very rural And it has a history of corruption in law enforcement A lot of drug trafficking goes on there. There have been a lot of like organized. Crime there over the years Gentleman by the name of phil stanford who i worked with on Both the original season of happy face benue. He peed the second season of that show And the show murderer. In oregon fill is a crime writer He's true crime writer kind of almost like a hard boiled detective type. Duty really is like that. You know a pit him is. Is that image you picture and wearing a trench coat and carrying around a pad with a spiral bound pad kind of and like you know has some kind of press credentials tucked into his hat. Not exactly but he. He's lived very interesting life and he has written several books about portland oregon and about the history of corruption in the government. And then all of this stuff in terms of vice because it was away from the prying eyes of the mainstream. Because anyone that's been there knows. The oregon is a very rugged wilderness. He type place in. Salem is a very small town Very sleepy kind of town. Even though it's the capital there's a big you know. Government complex story of murder and oregon has to do with the assassination. Legend facination of government official who was looking into corruption in the state prison system which is based there in oregon Today's story is another corruption and potential corruption alleged corruption and just conspiracy Angle up from the state of oregon and it my eye because the the subject of email was the murder conspiracy state question mark and this comes from and It's gonna give a quick quick summary. email Hey guys this case of a fifteen year old girl murdered in a small oregon coast town back in. Two thousand holds every required element of a great suspense film. Except one thing who did it. We thought we had the answer when the boyfriend of the victim was convicted of voluntary manslaughter. Two thousand eleven and sentenced to ten years. It'll be almost a decade later. It was discovered that he didn't do it. He was released and has filed a lawsuit against just about any person that was involved in the investigation understandably so Claiming he was set up framed including my now deceased father in law Who investigated the case originally I'm gonna leave the rest to this out for now. We texted a bit earlier. And when i mentioned i'd love to pitch this as a full length episode. She's more than happy to talk. She has a close direct connection to this case by family And i think it'd be a very interesting person to talk to In regards to have a fooling version of this but let's do go through the kind of broad strokes. She did a good job of setting it up the gentleman in question whose name could not be more. I think ironic is the wrong word. It's just perfect. His name is nicholas macguffin. He has known macguffin is. It's like yeah of course. Yeah it's it's a. It's a plot device particularly used in film That's essentially like a red herring. Where it is a good thing or a character that is used to distract you from the real thing or used exclusively to propel the plot forward. That's a macguffin. It's sort of like a almost misdirection. So this perfectly fit stack nicholas macguffin. Who is now thirty. Eight pass filed and named multiple coke wheel coups county and oregon state police officials in these multiple lawsuits Alleging that they Trumped up evidence against him in order to get their case closed Essentially what happened is macguffin was dating. The victim leah freeman. Who was fifteen at the time And macguffin was believe eighteen And this all happened. In june of two thousand Freeman essentially vanished After leaving a friend's house and one of her shoes was found by cemetery. and The governor was taken in for questioning. Unbeknownst to him the intent of bringing him in was to photograph him and look for defensive wounds. Which of course are you know cuts or things you know might have some dna from the victim or anything that looks like he was in an altercation you know during this alleged homicide He gets let go and the case remains cold for almost ten years. No more than ten years. This is in two thousand In two thousand eight A new sheriff comes in town. Essential new whatever. The sheriff is the right word And he has a lot of pressure on him to solve this decade case He identifies suspects from the prior investigation. Also realizes that like tons of evidence was poorly handled and misplaced even like. There was some evidence that was shipped off to scotland yard in the uk for analysis that they never got back and they found like all of these un developed rolls of film. So it looks like there's some the negligence dairy saving incompetence going on in the first place even But if we will get into this another another time but essentially they were able to get enough evidence together Based on a shoe that was found in the cemetery But with the way they found the shooting the cemetery and the initial investigation not too far from there. They found leah freemen's body on like an embankment in the woods and they got a conviction. The case went to a grand jury and macguffin was indicted and he was found guilty of manslaughter. Which is interesting It was a ten to two verdict and was sentenced to ten years in prison which he spent part of at the snake river correctional institution and then got sent to a labor camp That's a whole nother issue there In oregon's tillamook state forest. I guess the labor camp was preferable because according to an abc news article about the case written by laurence ephron karen shiffman joseph re and alley young. I'm quite a in depth piece about the whole history of the case. That was because of good behavior. Then he got to the labor camp. So i guess that was you know better than being in the snake river penitentiary but recently just a couple of years ago A malheur county circuit. Senior judge named patricia sullivan overturned macguffin case conviction rather Because apparently some of that evidence was processed In the oregon state police crime lab and they and they knew this time but did not disclose that. They found not only his dna on the girl's shoe but another unidentified man's person's dna on the shoe so The judge understandably ruled that this should have been disclosed and that that the jury had known that information that they would have probably acted differently. So i think this is very interesting case. There's a lot more to it that we haven't gone into here and love to put it forth for a full episode sometime soon and speak to you about it as well because she can. She has direct ties to the case. It's ongoing And there is a bit of interesting the detail that we have that shows that there could well be conspiracy afoot And serious corruption going on whether it's only to cover up negligence or something more nefarious going on there I think it's one to to look into further for sure so more on that soon And thank you for that email And for hitting us to this case and stephanie. There's a lot of entry going on here and look forward to digging into it more for now. Let's take a quick break and back with more listener mail. The problem of racism is before us threatening our very existence. How are we going to free humanity from this virus..

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