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Town. Fair tire new buddy. Nobody was beating the knicks last night. Not the wizards anyway. The next one one thirty one thirteen as they get back to five hundred julius randle was a machine. Thirty seven points. Thirteen of twenty four hour j. barrett was really good with twenty one mitchell. Robinson was solid. Here's tom theodose. Says the team has given them exactly what they need to succeed matters. Practice concentrate gene meeting film session. How you script your planes go over what your strengths and weaknesses are the schemes that you're gonna utilize and right now. It's working no doubt. Here's randall. He was seven of ten from three point range and he says the hard work really paying off the time. I was obsessive over. And it's pretty obvious because it's working twenty. Two wins rj barrett says. That's all right but still work to be done a long way to go. So you know of course I said on time the winning when it's funding but not a long way to go. I think they went over there over under number for the year which was twenty one and a half so that they already went over and now they have more wins than had all last year to with lots of games to go pretty. Pretty good Play the wizards again tomorrow. Night and again at the garden as for the nets. They played out in portland. Late last night beat the blazers won sixteen twelve. They continue to win on the road. They moved to thirty and fourteen on the season. James harden had a tough shooting. I did of twenty five points and seventeen assists. Here is steve. Kerr proud to see his team. Get defensive in the fourth quarter as they did as they held Portland you just. Twenty-one did the same thing i did all morning to i steve kerr instead of steve. Nash did i say steve. Kerr did that to cherry today. I don't know what it is. Steve nash steve. Nash steve nash nash. Nancy come during the gateway. Quirky is getting better stick with it can better than the debt that integrates job battled rebounding better. I wonder if i did that all morning possible. Maybe that's maybe i put it in your head. Maybe you put it in my head. We didn't even realize well someone would have told us though on twitter. It's steve national steve. Kerr show me your idiots. Edt sports station very point here was twenty five points for james mccann. Ha ha ha. James harden dismiss want to be sitting in missing games. He had a sore neck but he did go out there and plum throughout the course career. I don't like you know a lotta who like. I love to be out there and taking on a challenge of finding ways long games and they certainly did that last night without durant without irving neither on the trip. Steve nash said that durant didn't make the trip because he's at a crucial point of his rehab didn't make sense to put him on a plane and fly cross country. Here was nick claxton. He continues to produce sixteen points nine rebounds. He says good overall score points they..

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