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A week and get one hundred dollars a week. Oh right but i was happy playing because it's doted so dave didn't get paid for recordings we didn't get. Dave never got paid any money for any of his writing. So i didn't see improving even the even though they said it. Would we talked about it at night and we arranged to have a meeting the next morning with myself. Dave and the manager. Harry and we sat down that breakfast with him and said we decided. We're going to leave but we'll stay as long as you need us as long as kim. Not just in. What if you're making a record. Whatever but you know. We'll leave. And with that harry said will never work in the states again and whenever work in england or europe again he had that much power. Well yeah because when we eventually finished. We with an agency cooled. Christmas and i went to see Went to this house. A main dyke. We talked and he said. Harry simmons managed chicken shack and savoy brown which were two of the biggest band in england at the time in europe and he said harry threatened to take these bands away from us. If we book you were genuine. They said with sorry. 'cause we you know we'd like to help but what happened was I'd become good friends of this guy. Tony otd hewlett down here on long island and on the first two i did was to boy became friends so when we left. Savoy brown's foreground came back over to the states. Tony went to see the band. Of course none of us were there and he called me up and say what's going on said well you know we left the band and myself dighton tonia foaming and you've been looking. It gets out by. He'd been talking to albuque- gripes a-and abbott was opening up a starting a new record label burial records and tony. It applied for the job of Working there or run in the record label to fish can actually got it but I think albert grossman actually liked tony. People very bright. Tony deranged for our to come and see us will. We could get gigs. said we rented a club in north west london..

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