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One more time psalms one or three psalms one oh three Brussels the order for myself and how much I said how much you know it is within me bless it is only nine bless the lord oh my soul and forget not all his it's for give us all the time and it would here let's all die disease effect to redeem about life from destruction we have so much baggage until it takes a god and I god only that could have made anything anyhow of the three of us redeeming value life from destruction to crown room if he does leave us in shape that we were in took us out of be the same category and put us in the sun ship category no but I do have a Jesus who promised he would loving kindness and tender mercies of satisfied them out with good plans so that values is written like the eagles lord executed righteousness and judgment ball all better or press you're down and out and busted and disgusted and all in all the categories yeah you don't give up hope you.

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