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Storytime Quarantine Edition: The Last Magician



Cristina Castagna. That and today. It's just me for a special storytime episode now. I am doing something that you might appreciate if you listen to the show. You definitely know. I am curious with the guest to ask if some of them are plotters or panthers and for Writers we know that this means You are a plotter. If you in a very detailed way a plan out your entire plots exactly where your entire book and you map out all the chapters you know the characters you know every move that they're gonNA make you're GonNa know every single thing that they're going to do because you rigorously outline I you know and outlining is just something I do. Like crazy You know and I guess crazy is in the eye of the beholder but I really outlined all my books before I start them whether or not I stick to it. It definitely changes over the course of writing the full manuscript but I am a rigid plotter. A pancer from what I've learned is that you fly by the seat of your pants. You just go wherever the story takes you. You see the first scene you see. What's in your mind and you just let it go and you let you let the characters tell you the story as your unfolding it and each one is different and sometimes you use both. Sometimes we only stick with one and it is with whatever works for us now. I am a capricorn by nature so I plan everything and I am a rigid plotter. But lately I've just had a story in my head and it's so weird because it's it it just it just wanted to stay there and I just started panting this time so I decided to put it together and share it with you because I can't help but feel that in this in these times we just really need to write about like what not only what we're seeing what we're feeling but this was also calling me because I wondered what the world would look like when things go too far. Now think of really great books especially in the dystopia genre where you know things kind of go too far. The handmaid's tale is a really great example of this. What happens when women's rights are so repressed and religious fundamentalist takeover that it just goes way too far and at what point could we have stopped it so these are the questions that were in my mind as I was writing this now? It's far from perfect far from perfect. But I just love sharing stories with you because I think we talk about writing all the time and We should be writing and we talk about putting what it's like to be brave to put all your work out there so we should put our work out there imperfect or not so here is a my fun pet project side project or just story in my head at the moment the last mention enjoy. This is a six time I've been here. Her voice was muffled by the thickness of her face mask from the patterns and St Seems. It wasn't handmade and has gone away not yet. I feel much better though but it's not fully gone. We couldn't even say the name even speaking it seems like a curse and a shame that people wanted to thrust upon you. I don't know but it's the most have right now with our faces covered. I've learned to read the way people talk with. Their is great songs and poets. Always said is don't lie and they were right. They were telling me right now that being here with a shot of hope for her. I've heard she's the best from WHO I can't help it. I love reading lying eyes. Friend the five star reviews didn't matter anymore. With very limited choices and few essential businesses left. There was little competition and the very hope that rumors were true that this woman that we were here to see was a legendary healer lured people. Here how many times have you been here too many to count? Maybe she can read. My is my grandmother. Took me here before I used to think our outings to go see her was a punishment for not getting along with the family? All my other cousins thought he was creepy and couldn't understand her but she took a liking to me the statues and paintings in her house. Where the things that you weren't allowed to touch. But they were rare things that couldn't be found in stores. I had a sick fascination for the odd uses for them the mess as to why these delicate objects holds any kind of superstitious power. This woman's living room look like a strange waiting room because of all the mismatch furniture with plastic covers if yelp review this place it would be so low down the search chain only to be sought out by hipsters for something to posts for likes and shares. People sat distant from each other but from the tension. I could feel six feet away. They all have the same wish. People came and left with different bags of charms beads but the same outcome kept happening.

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