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Our podcast wherever you get podcast. All you do search dealers around the steel curtain. That's apple podcasts. I tunes google play. Stitcher anchor pandora. Spotify does not matter find as follows. Subscribe you won't regret it there. You go all right. let's go. Everyone loves my winners and losers. I don't know why it's maybe it's because people are. Can you kind of get a good grasp of who did well. And who didn't do well. And i understand that understand this. This is just my list. Okay so if i'm saying something you might say. I totally disagree with you jeff. That guy should have been a loser or should be a winner in. That's okay. it's okay to disagree but this is my list. These are my winners and losers not yours. but let's go over. Let's start with the winners. And i'm recording this early in the morning on friday morning After the game just do the work having recorded late. I really don't like these thursday games. I'm glad this is the last one but here. We are talking about the winners from the twenty four to sixteen victory in the first on. My list is pretty pretty easy. I wanna dwayne haskins twain haskins. Listen to this stat line. Sixteen for twenty to one hundred and sixty one yard. Seven point three average one touchdown no interceptions with a rating of one zero eight point. Three now you be saying sixteen to twenty two one sixty one. It's a ridiculous stat line. He played maybe the tail end of the first quarter the whole second the third and then even into the fourth based on the fact that the steelers had the ball at the end of the third and they wanna let him finish the drive that drive ended up stalling out But he got the steelers in the red zone. They were moving the ball. Well he was finishing drives only one drive that he ran into the red zone. Finished with a field goal. Another touchdown and i tried to explain this in. It's tough it's tough to put into words but if you're someone who watches the steelers you actually watch the games. I mean pre-seasons different not every games on tv if you get sunday ticket from direct tv you're not guaranteed to get every game. If you're able to watch this game you would see. The dwayne haskins just looks comfortable and again. I can't really put into words. I'll do my best. But i can't really put it into words. Exactly what i mean. Dwayne haskins just looks like he is comfortable and mad candidates offense. You can call him captain. Check down whatever you want. He made the throws that he should have made. And he had a misfire early in the game. I think it was second quarter. And i said on twitter that he threw a ball and he scrambled his left rolled out. And he's mobile enough. He's not a running quarterback but he's mobile enough. He gets outside the tackle box. He has a throw against his body. It's difficult throw to make. I understand that. I wasn't the the direction of the throw. The receiver opened by by. Gosh he threw it ninety nine miles an hour when all you had to do is just lob over the linebacker get a first down and move the chains. It almost pass. Everything settled down everything. Slowdown looked good. Making the right reads. He was able to get the defense to jump off. Sides in the free play was his lone touchdown pass. Dwayne haskins looks good. I would love to see it. I'm not calling it. I don't think it's going to happen. I'd love to see on saturday in the steelers. Third preseason game against the detroit lions by the way. Mike tomlin said the ben rothlisberger is going to play. That shouldn't shock anyone. It's the third preseason games what they've always done with ben so they're always going to do with ben ben going to play a little bit and i would love to see dwayne haskins come in next not so much that it's a cut on mason rudolph but more so let's see what haskins can do right actor rothlisberger done. I would assume that they're going to keep the offensive line together for a little bit longer. I wanna see what he can do and keep some of those receivers in there. Let's see him. Throwing passes to deontay. Johnson juju smith schuster. And maybe some others. Not just eric brown being one not just the second tier players. I wanna see it. We'll see if it happens next. I can't believe it people that. Listen to my podcast all last season. You're probably thinking. Jeff is so tired right now because it's so late he's delirious. Why in the world. He put on his list winterless. That's right justin lane or as we call them here on the my right eye call. Crew calls him lust. Jane because he that all stems from last season. I i said something about him blowing an assignment and he came after me on twitter Justin lane he finished. The two tackles one solo. One pass defense in an interception. But i'll put this simply when i was reading an article for the website. I wrote five defensive players to watch and i included justin lane and a lot of people might have read the article and said why in the world. But i want to watch this guy. He hasn't played well. He's a third round draft. Pick the steelers if they can turn this guy into something boys at a swing and a miss artie burns swinging minutes. But it's a swing amiss and so for justin lane. I'm sitting here. I'm like if he's just make play man. Just make a play. I don't i don't care for him after what he did on twitter but at the same time. I want to see him succeed. Because he's done equate to the steelers succeeding in he. Did he made a play. You can say that the interception was because jamir jones or the pressure on the court. I don't care we've seen so many defensive acts drop interceptions in the past. I was just happy. Made the place of justin lane makes my winters list another one. I'm gonna put them together. I feel like. I have to put them together. And that would be dan moore junior and kevin dots and now these players did not play with the starters. They were with the second team but man these two guys together. They were road graders. They were mauling. The eagles second-string defensive line and third string didn't matter who they put out there that left side because remember daimler. Juniors left tackle. Kevin datsuns left guard when they were in there together. They could've ran down the lower than the left side of the field. Every single time and it would have been there. It would have been opened. They were gonna make holes and they would have busted off five three to five yards per clip. It would have been a beautiful thing to watch. I get why they didn't but boy were they. Impressive in for kevin johnson. This guy has been drug through the mud his name and no fault of his own. Mind you it comes back to bogus. Reports people that are taking reports and twisting them into their own narratives. Mike tomlin's words being taken the wrong way and kevin dotson did what he should have done..

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