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Perfect person to answer that question scott anderson our new uh brookings colleague who you whose name you guys have seen on l'affaire a lot recently scott is served as legal attache at the embassy in baghdad for the state department in an earlier life and a news great deal about this subject so scott welcome to the law fair podcast what are your thoughts with thank you for having had been uh you know i'm a little limited to certain parts of the second talk about because of my timing government bout try and give you a lease my perspective on the broad issue to think about this i think really have to put yourself in the two thousand eleven context um at that point we had been under un security agreement or the sofa as andrew referred to it with iraq for three years um during that period it had been fairly controversial have a getting more controversial and i was particularly true among a big portions of the shia factions that were behind prime minister malachy and in control of most of the government uh at that period and so really if you think about the trouble that uh any sort of on agreement ran into in the iraqi parliament a lot of that was more symptomatic of a broader controversy surrounding the us troop presence in the country at that time that was had been growing was claimed more problematic this is also a curry against a backdrop where the original agreement had a finite end date and without any sort of provision for extension uh and you know this is the post surge period where iraq had been seeing it security conditions kind of improve gradually this these so's these circumstances all kinds of entered an i think into this policy decision um 2013 meanwhile when we saw us trip reenter iraq um you know saw dramatic change in circumstances you saw an escalation of threat from the islamic state um you saw requests from iraq for assistance in combating the islamic state in addressing this threat.

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