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Q. A lot of people saying oh my gosh. I'm doing giveaways. I'm wasting money on PPC you can waste money on ABC because every cell from ABC, I'm gonna say waste, but you can use your money wisely. Gase? Yeah. Because even though you may not be making money from ABC every self ABC's ranking you higher in the organic search on Amazon. So you get the page one. You may be paying more than you get in back from PPC. Br at the same time is helping you stay on page one way you're getting Ganic sales because we'll pick good and you'll listing is good. So automatically all the traffic going to buy you're listening, and you're going to set out most likely, okay? Because you don't have as much money or in Benxi as the other people. Hey, you sold out. I see. Okay. Great. I I broke even maybe on my PC, but I gain profit because I was getting organic sales at the same time. So now, you know, it works now, you know, you can get a page one. You believe in yourself. So you like she. Okay, now, I'm going to invest everything. I just got back. Most of the time you're gonna met you. Back which it all people don't realize if you failed you've pretty much just made you money back. Learn a lot which is what I went. But if you succeeded you've made you money back, but you should go as well. And then once you once you actually see that happen and see how easy actually is. And while using the rights tools as well. You know, you go all in from that. And you may have started out with five five hundred units. And now you have more money to get get more stock now, you can go after that first place at the top of page one. But let's let's right now we've we've run stock. So what was the first thing to do because you don't want 'em onto thing. Like, oh, my gosh should not making any sales. So the trick is yes, the closure listing ginger assault stock closure listing you can slay regio price, which is good raising your price works a lot okay to increase, your income, and you profit so as you start under run, I eventually slowly increase your the price of your rights in one dollar per day and track if the cells of dropping or increasing sometimes they can actually increase and people. Confounded because like well, gosh, I'm making all this money at just with a two dollar as or something raise your price. If you start to see yourselves drop, you know, what you'll limit in how much you can sell it. And for is. But once you have so many reviews right into each doesn't have ten people with over a thousand meters. When she start getting up there with all the reviews, and you are like one of the best then you can increase your price to to more than your competitors. Because people are looking for a good looking out with good images. Maybe a good title. But they're also like second seconding with with reviews. So the so many tune is out there on page one. The just three products with thousands reviews, and that's where everyone's going into and the so so many products out there that people to to get in on stay out to notables to use XM while at your TS as you said the got the American in the candies. It is with them, but she's very got Californian fashion and the day making candy spirits, obviously. If you the the grime of the London cynicism behind you so great, let me play the London devil's advocate, and that sort of you know, slime we'll put that. So let me just clarify this dig a little bit deep because I think these sorts of questions have you can solve them. You've you've removed genuinely for by logic, not just by faith, the idea of the some of the fears that block people say from take piece of the pie, which is massive. I mean now one of the ten K, let's members in in in the UK how dispose million-pound month last month just before Christmas as one point two million dollars in a month. And that's in your pay. That's not even in the massive markets that you get in the US. So there isn't making money to be made for sure so I you know, I totally know that for the inside, but tell me a bit more about how that works. If you've got ten thousand dollar budget because I just think the numbers of the the people gloss over, and that's it's all about numbers. It's business. Right. Y'all. Ten thousand dollar budget and one against this market that we've been discussing its theoretical. But it's not untypical. How do you personally divide that money up on? How do you recycle? How does how does it? Look you start with ten thousand dollars. What you spend on a military. Would he spent a marketing, and what's the cash flow just roughly big picture ten thousand ten thousand dollars? Yeah. Would you? Call ten dollars each forty dollar sales, boys. Let's say the off you making twenty five percent Maginot something. How how does that look how how you so a portion of? I mean, I'm takes ten fifteen percent typically in some initiatives seventeen point that's the sales on. Then you got your fulfillment cost. Roughly. Yes. You invest ten thousand you can sickly expect to get maybe seven thousand dollars back in profit if it's the right nation yet you've used the right tools in use don't know about the process in in the right way. And you've maintained it you have you just leave it and just pray and hope that it is magic you just have to maintain it. Make sure yet you're removing keywords aren't working from the C. You can contact. This cheat ways you can contact influences on Instagram YouTube. Okay, who are more than willing appetizer product for you? And that you get that set up. Right. You made those connections before you'll put it launch. You've everything set up. You have your putt yet. You voted you from China? You've contacted a bunch of influences who are willing to do a review product as soon as you get your product or the right? One of the ways is pay someone five hundred bucks giving me rights to advertise on that you going on their Instagram fully the so many people out there with a good following.

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