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Who is set to grace the cover of vanity fair this month just days after john mcenroe stirred up some controversy by saying serena would be the 700 ranked player on the men's tennis circuit serena responded yesterday tweeting mackerel quote dear john i adore and respect but please please please kick me out of your statements that are not factually based i've never played anyone ranked there nor do i have time respect me and my privacy as i'm trying to have a baby good taste mcenroe not surprisingly refused to back down from his comments this morning and we like to apologize no firm for the offer exists is because it seems in tennis unlike other sports they're always asking about how women they always asked me how i would do for summer weisenthal bag jon macken okay i would he knew against serena why don't you combine just solve the problem i'm sure the men would be all for this the men and women play together and then we don't have to guess i tell her what's your reaction to mcenroe earlier well i think the word the number seven hundred is the story if he had said seventh seventieth but when you say seven hundred it's like whoa that is that that it's a number if john would've said on top men are better than the top women who wouldn't have a story today you put that seven hundred it sounds like an insult and i also thought it was a lousy question by the reporter who is a non sports reporter she is a great journalists to cover the middle east they put it on a sports question and she goes why qualify it.

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