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As your number two Sabrina, just okay, all of it from being backstage at hard rock and get into play, such a cool venue like that to hanging out with coolio where he was telling ceiling to back Washington's bottling me. Else Three sounds like. You're not being coolio right every year. That has some glorious moments from me. What was your number one? My number one was honestly just the opportunity to be here with you all. It has been some great times. My number one is the voice changer that can't Terry. And I miss it so much, but really it's been who all the listeners are incredible. We are literally doing what we love. It's not even though we have introduced songs. We get to talk crap and get to play a fart sound and. The next day, so thank you warriors thing. Your number one definitely going to a head shop with coolio. heartbeat. I live and then after when he was getting ready to do gangster's paradise. The two of you going, we'll never have this opportunity again in that asshole did not brand drummer. We paid for it. Get on stage. Let's do this. Let's take a quick break. We'll come back with our worst, and then we'll do the seven year. Cheers, everybody's piling in starting to see a lot of face and don't leave you guys. Please stay right there. Stick around, everybody. Take a shot to facebook dot com slash the news, junkie and takers shots with us, so you could find all the information there and when we come back, we'll do the seven year. Cheers don't go anywhere and jump onto that zoom meeting with all of us to get your face on the show. You Look Beautiful. Trust me do. I'll facebook dot com slash the news. Junkie will wrap it up next day there. It's the news junkie on real radio. Good. Please throw seven, nine, one, six, one one real radio, one four point one..

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