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Cars, social distancing in play. That's a labor intensive, but the National Guard has stepped in to fill the gap. Last year, just more than a million people visited food banks and pantries. Since covert hit, That number has more than doubled to 2.2 million people, most of them feeling food and security for the first time. We know that the number of people facing hunger has doubles since the beginning of the pandemic. We've likely not seen the worst yet Way. Expect five end of this year, Potentially one in five Washington could be facing hunger Keep Elbridge camo news news time 58 Woman was attacked in her own driveway by a stranger armed with a pair of scissors and I turned around and she was stabbing me. A stranger showed up right behind Courtney Yandle waving a pair of scissors. It happened August 24th just a few feet away from Yandle's apartment. Building off North 85th Avenue in Greenwood. I was Very scared and figure out how to keep myself safe. When I couldn't get away quickly, and l said the woman with the scissors was yelling at her. She was telling me to get off the property. She was telling me that Police stations have been boarded up, so there was no one that was going to be able to come. They'll manage to get her keys out and quickly get into the lot lobby of her apartment building almost Suzanne Francaise. The accused attacker was in court yesterday and pleaded not guilty. Police have arrested a woman they believe is responsible for nearly two dozen burglaries. Detectives say her crime spree spent Seattle, Bellevue and Redmond. It came to an end in Bellevue, all because of her distinctive tattoo the woman has seen on video after prying open 33 storage lockers at an apartment building detectives. They're still trying to nab a man that they believe is her accomplice. Amazon is making another move to reduce its footprint in Seattle Como's Bill O'Neill explains. The company has decided not to renew one of its earliest South Lake union leases, which results in it giving.

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