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Tell you the full story. So you know i don't i don't know what redeemable quality sam darnold as a football player has shown you know i mean he's been the least accurate qualifying quarterback last three seasons combined. He is very inaccurate. On intermediate throws he was the only quarterback last season a negative epa and intermediate throws like. I don't know what an offense that caters to. Sam darnold strength actually would look like now we have ryan tannehill has an example. His career flourished once he left adam case. So i think that's probably the hope you're having as a carolina fan but what's really interesting is like everything you hear out of carolina's camp right now makes it sound like darnold been neutered like it's nothing but dink and dunk in sam's not pushing the ball downfield. Every time matt rules asked about darnold. He keeps saying you know. He took care of the football today and gave us a trance. Right he kept it out of harm's way didn't make the big mistake. Something to that effect basically comes out of roles mouth every day. It sounds like rule. Just wanna game manager you know. He wants darnold to get out on. Time doesn't really want him to push the ball downfield and maybe that's just a byproduct to the offense. Only twenty eight percent of carolina's passes last year with teddy were greater than ten yards. It doesn't sound like that's going to change. Even though the gm makes it sound like the reason they brought in darnold was because they wanted a little bit more vertical of an offense. And you know you kind of look at camp in an offseason. That's kind of when you want to work on these things. You know and you look at the receiver construction with robbie anderson and now taras marshall like those are deep ball guys. And so you know if you're not pushing the ball downfield now. when are you gonna do that. Terence marshall appears to be the steal of the draft. I mean he. Is ben all the hype all the rave we know. It's a tough transition for rookie. Receivers just learning the game. But he knows job ready system. So i think his transition in the league is a little bit different than most receivers. But you know we're looking at a team right now that's trying to get things figured out. And what darnold played is at one series so far in preseason. Well i mean we can even go further. They're not just to pick on carolina and the way they're handling a new quarterback. I feel too disturbing trend that we're seeing across the league from young head. Coach is not playing guys that are new to the system or having accomplished much during the course of one full season or two seasons. Max and i kinda shot you text on that over the weekend i said. Hey if mel florida doesn't wanna play. Aaron rogers that's entirely his prerogative erin case should tell you when he wants to play and everything else but you look at andy reid who puts patrick mahomes out there for a series and a half. I don't think patrick mahomes has to learn anything nuance wise about what kansas city wants to do offensively but look everywhere else in the league. And nobody's playing whether it's just in. Herbert is a member of the chargers. Whether it's sam darnold and carolina. Now i know matt rule set. Stars will play an entire. Half this weekend's pittsburgh but at the same time let these guys go out there and get some of the reps so they can get on the scene pages their weapons and also allow the offensive line here there cadence and everything else that makes you successful. You know coming out of the gates especially with the carolina team that has to win their season opener. In the sam darnold revenge game. It definitely needs to be a case by case situation and i was watching the jets game over the weekend and they interviewed aaron rodgers and someone asked ahrends like hey you know all your counterparts like brady and mahomes. They're getting some reps in the preseason and he's like man. I i love the floor. I don't wanna play in the preseason but a situation like this is completely different now. We also were discussing. How teams would treat the preseason and there really hasn't been a consensus with this new three-game preseason slate where you also have that fourth week. Completely off now teams. Probably that haven't been playing. Their guys are going to treat this third game like the the normal preseason tuneup. So it'll be interesting to see. Sam darnold get out there for a full half and let's see what it looks like this coming week. But you know the reality for me is like sam darnold and a best case situation is probably middling quarterback and the panthers don't really have the overall talent and they certainly don't have the depth to make much noise with the middle and quarterback. I mean i'm not a teddy be guy. But it didn't make a ton of sense to give up assets. When you're at this point of a rebuild and not know the move you were making was one hundred percent upgrade quarterback i mean darnold has no excuses right now. I mean he has the it. Oc and dj more. In robbie anderson emc in terence marshall. I mean weapons galore now. Carolina's projected to face a top five schedule of defenses overall and passing defenses the o. Line which has some questions they project to face the second tough schedule of pass rushes. There's gist too much unknown for me to have a really strong stance on where carolina's offenses this year. But you know. I kind of get blinded by joe brady and and the actual weapons outside because those are top notch and when you can add see him see into the fold. It's really interesting. But what is shocking me a little bit if you've heard some of like the camp reports it's like the guys outside or having trouble creating separation which is bizarre to me when you think about you know robbie anderson. Dj more terrace marshall receiving core. But you know job. Radian those weapons along with. Emc it's really. It's really tough to have a poor offense. I really want to see what this looks like. But ultimately i think if carolina's taking that next step offensively from seventeenth in total efficiency at. It's going to be because sam darnold is at least an average quarterback and if he's not then there's probably not going to be much improved offensively this year and then carolina pass to begin looking for answers through the draft or in a variety of other ways to figure out exactly what they have now defensively for the carolina panthers a very younger group. Steve smith had some interesting comments. Talking about a guy. Germain carter at twenty six. Who has the potential to be the leader of the defense. I don't think anybody's gonna compare them to luke keithly anytime soon but when you look at some of the difference makers that they have. Brian burns and jeremy chin arguably exceeded expectations a season ago. This group struggled to get off the field on third. Downs allowed almost a fifty percent conversion rate slightly. Better than the tennessee titans but when you look at scoring defense standpoint they were points per game better than what they were a year ago and you look at some of their editions..

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