Dianne Feinstein, FBI, Professor Ford discussed on Sean Hannity


Truly too bad that no one called her for her lawyer. My understanding is she got emails, and this is a woman, and I really believe who's been profoundly impacted by this. Now, I can't say everything's truthful. I don't know. I do know that. Got a contact her lawyers. I can't say everything's truthful. I don't know, by the way, the honest, real comment the minute after she made it she was getting pounded by the base of a party. Then she tried to go out and clarify that remark which says a lot about the base of the party. I went through a whole monologue on TV last night earlier tonight talking about we the presumption of innocence is key to a fair legal system in this country. Everyone say well, the FBI needs to investigate while the FBI rightly pointed out the allegation does not involve any potential federal crime. This would not be their jurisdiction in terms of any crime whatsoever. The statute of limitations have long since past decades ago. It was funny to watch Hillary last night does an interview on fake news conspiracy. TV hate Trump TV MSNBC. And you know, she claims that that this woman. Professor Ford deserves the benefit of the doubt. Okay. Well, what about you know, her husband? Juanita broaddrick has waded calls, dick. Durbin of fraud for pushing this particular assault allegation. And also saying, where's my FBI investigation, and I interviewed Juanita Broderick. And she was compelling and believable to me about an assault of rape of Bill Clinton took the time. To interview are take the time to interview professor port. If she would want to sit down for an interview and her attorney, so we don't know if this woman now is going to testify all we know, this is a last minute thing. Now, the Senate Judiciary committee has done a lot to try to accommodate professor Ford. Even though she said, she would testify publicly under oath, and a lawyer said that many times, well, they said, well, you can do it privately if you like to make sure if it would be more comfortable for you. Then the Senate Judiciary went an extra mile again today and said, well, we'll send a group of people to go. See you this way. You don't have to. We could do a privately we still don't have any answers on any of that. I see that a lot of Democrats are getting angry at Dianne Feinstein, quote, Washington Post as she plots the next steps Feinstein is deal. With questions about her decision await weeks before sharing Ford's letter only issuing a brick cryptic statement last Thursday, then word surfaced of its existence came almost a week after cabinet confirmation hearings wrapped up she met with cavenaugh privately. She didn't bring it up. But she knew about it. She she also got to like every other democratic colleague in that circus that we witnessed she had an opportunity to ask him publicly. She didn't do it. I will tell you. I'm glad we're going to have a hearing to get to the bottom of it. It'd be nice to have it done before said, Jon tester, a fellow democrat. But you know, I wasn't in her shoes. And you have the comment, but maisy Hirono men need to shut up cavenaugh accuser needs to be believed. I believe her..

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