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What Sponsors Creek. No. We're. Okay all right. So says, he'll take it back What's let's go to your your grade school at say like what Games do you remember playing on the playground? Chase obviously chase Gerald. It was just like you go outside and was like. Girls always. Roller. Girls. Like I don't know it was like just literally and I. Honestly I'm sure that like like thinking back on it now I'm sure the teachers were like. Hey bobby go chase the girls because it was like, Goget that energy like oh Please do outside and chase just. You know it's funny. I was singing like I. Remember Playing Tag. Or hide and go seek or hide and seek Kengo Zeke. And like those ones there's like something to that. But I feel like you saying chase and like, yes. Just like you just running around, you liked tackle people like I really liked this person and. Show. Puberty No I mean I was like, Oh, I had crushes mayor early. Oh. Oh No talk radio yeah. Okay. So. Less and I was like five or younger like, Hey, you're cute. Only chase after you definitely had like five boyfriends online and. was. Like. Early days the Internet. Okay So. All right. So why do we play these games other ventilate get out a ton of energy but they learn they learn us they help us learn to play with other we're learned. Good. Grammar Bucks or some of it's like you don't learn something. Are you? You don't learn somebody else that they like who says that and I heard someone say Oh my God, an ass those really rooted me. Yesterday at the they help us learn to play with others keep moving obviously, but then I also think they help our brain was learning to perceive threats. So like if if we're lucky, we don't have like a super traumatic childhood. We're not like having to proceed threats all the time and like playing these games whether you're whether you're playing tag riding seeker chase versus having to outrun your older brother because you ate all the from Monday's. Kind of a true story. My brother told me to save him some fries and I lived literally saved him for. He didn't chase me but I had perceived threat right so I had I had to do the most doesn't. But your adrenaline running right. So what's happening in Europe break? Fight or flight remember fight or flight goodell fight or flight, and I think freezes in their fight flight or freeze freeze we talk about it all the time on therapy. Locate. Fight or flight or in your case you just freeze. Yes you just. Good a lot of people therapy. How that? No another person who owns a freezer Imprisons Holler Holler growth. You freeze yeah right. So I haven't thought about this psychology class which we determined last week. You did not take one because you're like I'm trendy I'm too cool. Yes. Take Psychology. which usually were flipped I'm usually the one that's like. Out Me. That balloon the. Nations of the mind Okay. So here's some fun brain science for you from health line. So when your brain receives a threat, the Magdala will send messages to your hypothalamus which stimulates your autonomic nervous system. You're obviously a releasing adrenaline and cortisol and you go into fight flight freeze moat. So these are the things that happens your heart rate speeds up you get sweaty apparently your blood can thicken. So it can clot if you get hurt your pupils dilate so you can see better Sources your your ears perk up on like I don't know that scientifically looks like your ears your ears can hear better..

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