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Then guess your body language does matter the idea of my language shouldn't affect you. That isn't the way it works in basketball. I'm which is not it's not everything. But it's a huge portion of leadership. And when the Brian looks like he's frustrated he's down. He's disconnected. Of course, the rest of the young players are going to follow his lead. That's what happens in basketball. That's what happens in sports. Now is this like I said this frustration if he's doing this every game. It's a problem. I'm sure it's not every game. If it's here, and there, I don't see it as a big deal. But if it's constant, of course, is a big deal because these young players who Adelaide you they look up to you. Right. And so they see this. And I say, oh, man, this guy that I look up to doing this. Yeah. Now, it's every moon. It's not a big deal. But if it's all the time, it is he's TJ Cushman zodda. He'd he is a we guy. But but I'm a we in team team team TJ teacher. Great stuff to get to joy Taylor with the news. No. This is the headline news guy story already. She said she obnoxious fantasy sports fan. Yeah. I mean, I'm I'm kind of a guy to talk about the Steelers that way, you say we often when the healers when the Steelers two years ago when it should have been touchdown catch rules. Did you go like we got screwed that play or do you? I don't know about us. Exactly that for Euler. But I felt it the same. When you grow up a fan of team. It's almost a habit, right? It is don't don't look too much. All right. So Steve Nash sticking up for his godson after his game against Michigan state RJ Barrett. Went seven for seventeen from the floor with seven turnovers, and obviously that Mr. free throw line pleasant ten seconds left. Nash took to Twitter to talk about Barrett and said RJ Barrett..

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