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The life of service to others always supported the Salvation Army. David Snyder gave fifty two dollars. Thank you, all of you who are helping realize you're doing the most good now this day three of the shimmer shutdown. That's right. The shimmer shutdown and I was on meet the press yesterday. Maybe maybe you're in church. Maybe didn't catch it up play the panel. And this is the bottom line. This is the fact it is true. The president said he was going to take on the mantle of the shutdown. And that's because he wasn't going to give in. He didn't give in and it shut down. But Kino's keeping it shutdown. Chuck Schumer, and why Chuck Schumer keeping it cut down because he will not spend five billion dollars out of a total of four trillion dollars. It is less than point. Oh, one percent of federal spending Chuck Schumer will not allow five billion dollars to be spent on border fencing that is why the government is closed Chuck Schumer refuses to spend five billion dollars out of four trillion dollars in outlays. Okay. Let's walk this slowly through for the Steelers fan and the Bengals fans you have been concussed four trillion dollars. We spend actually I play like four point two trillion dollars a year as a federal government ten percent of that is four hundred billion dollars. One percent is forty billion dollars. So one tenth of one percent is four point two point four point two billion. So. Chuck Schumer doesn't want span point one two percent of the federal outlays on border security, the talking point and the Democrats had out there yesterday was oh it's a fourth century solution. Now, it's not fencing works. Take a look at Israel. Take a look at Saudi Arabia, which is fence Yemen. Take a look at Hungary, which fence the refugee fencing work take a look at every building you go into NBC yesterday. There's a big fence on NBC as there should be. There's a big fence around homeland security a fence around every embassy. There's offensive course around the White House around the department of the treasury. Of course, you, but fence and security everywhere, you are serious about Pentagon security, so you need fencing, and I always said double layered long tall strong fencing. I think they objected to determine wall don't call it a walk all fencing. Let's get it done. It is the Schumer shut down. There is no question that a matter of fact, you can debate whether he's right to do it. But Chuck Schumer is keeping the government shutdown. It shimmer shut down two point out the shimmer Christmas shutdown and four hundred and eighty thousand Americans are who worked for the federal government are worried that they won't get paid next week the next pay period because of the Schumer shut that I think it is going to go into January. In fact, Mick Mulvaney was on yesterday talking with the Fox News is Chris Wallace about this cut number six. This is what Washington looks like I saw the intro. Instead it was chaos in Washington. This is what Washington looks like when you have a president to refuses to sort of go along to get along. You're seeing a fight over border security. Just like we had a fight over taxes. A fight over deregulation a fight over trade a fight over Syria. We'll talk about that in a little bit. So this is what it looks like I met yesterday with the vice president and Mr. Schumer throughout the day as your story indicated there was some Republican members to talk about where we were in the discussions. We had given an offer a counter offer to Mr. Schumer late yesterday afternoon. And immediately thereafter, the Senate went into recess until at least Thursday that doesn't mean it weeks before Thursday till we get here something back. But I don't think things are going to move very quickly here for the next couple of days. So are we talking to week? Are we talking until the new congress comes in on January third a couple of different things? It's Sunday right now and government shutdown mostly on Sunday anyway, govern shutdown tomorrow. Anyway, because it's a federal holiday then Tuesday's Christmas again, another federal holiday so Wednesdays really the first day that this kicks in the paychecks importantly, we'll go out on the twenty eighth. I want everybody understand. No one is working without getting paid paychecks. Go out of the twenty eight th the next pay period that has impacted his January eleventh. I think that is it's very possible that this shutdown will go beyond the twenty eighth and into the new congress there, you have it, and it's Chuck Schumer choice. It's all on Chuck Schumer, and that that is his choice. He didn't want to spend five billion dollars on border security. The Democrats don't care about border security yesterday. Dick durbin. It on meet the press with trying to talk about how concerned are you about coming in through the ports of entry? He's right. We need to inspect more vehicles professional. It has also driven across an open border. It also comes in via the mail border security too complicated. Multi-layered question, but double layered long, strong, call fencing that is patrolled by the border patrol and adequate numbers in a road, separating those layers. That's the best solution..

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