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Having me up next. Why HAVE SENATE? Republicans all but abandoned. The Corona virus recovery efforts the Democratic leader in the Senate Chuck Schumer joins me next Senate back in session. Republicans are increasingly sending the signal. The kind of unified way. The basically we don't our part get-back-to-work America we wash our hands of this. Is Jim Newell Rights and slate quote in terms of additional legislation that might support shatter nation? The Senate Republican Caucus is on a self-described pause. Right now that is set to expire on. Well no one can really say that is not how Democrats are dealing with this pandemic. They've got tons of plans for a new round of legislation and heater. Talk with me about those plans. The Democratic leader in the Senate Chuck Schumer. Senator I wanted to start with something that one of your Republican colleagues said today about the prospect of another rescue package new cares act and this is senator. John Kennedy a a win Guy in the Republican Caucus xanax. He was asked about another round of stimulus. He said well people in Hell want ice water to like the like Crimea River. What what what do you make of that? These guys are just appalling. Chris. We HAVE THIRTY MILLION PEOPLE UNEMPLOYED. We have people every day losing their jobs. Small businesses going out of business. People can't feed their children in themselves. And these guys said pause you know who they remind me of Herbert Hoover when we were on the edge of a potential depression. Herbert Hoover said let's do nothing. That's what these guys are saying and doing. Nothing could will create the Second Great Depression. We need help and help quickly where we Democrats in the House and Senate are working on big bold strong package that will deal with so many of the problems we face. I mean you know the Mitch. Mcconnell comes up with the idea that we should let state and local governments go bankrupt. This is not an abstract concept. Mitch these are firefighters who protect us. Bus Drivers who drive the buses people? Who Work in the else care food safety inspectors. These are the people who would be thrown out of work through no fault of their own. In fact million people state and local governments lost their Jeff. We need money to help them. Keep work keep working. We need money to provide food for people so they don't have to watch their children. Go Hungry we need money to get our school's going again. We need so many different things. We need heroes pay for goes on the front lines. Were undergoing so many extra expenses in an end are asked to sacrifice so much. This idea that we should do nothing and wait and see. Well I've like Mitch McConnell and his Republican friends Mr Kennedy to go. Tell a mom who can't feed her kids. Let's wait and see what happens in a few weeks to tell a small business person who has spent ten years building up that restaurant or that nail salon or or that. Small manufacturing business and is ready to go out of business and desperately needs help. Let's wait and see what happens. It is utterly appalling. It is like Herbert Hoover. We Democrats are GONNA FORCE THOSE REPUBLICANS LIKE. We did last time when they didn't want to do much to take big bold action because the nation needs it and the people demand. How much do you think? It's negotiating position that they're essentially bluffing. Because they want to. Essentially sort of anchor the negotiations and nothing and then you know they'll be some horse trading whereas if they come out and they say yeah we want to do stuff to then then they give away leverage. And how much do you think they really do? Think like under dumb and we can do that. Chris. Don't underestimate the whole that these hard right ideologues these very very wealthy people who are doing just fine by the way. Stock MARKET'S GROWING UP. Because they make sure you know that The Federal Reserve Bolsters the markets. But don't underestimate the whole that these very wealthy people who control a lot of the Republican party if not all of these days have on these senators they want. They don't want any government spending they don't give about what happens to average people it hurts. It's going to hurt them. But they're so blinded by their ideology both the benefactors of the Republican Party and the Republican senators themselves. That they can't get away from it. They they are. They are caught in a not. The days of a moderate thoughtful compromising Republican senator. Just about over. Look what they do. Mitt Romney once in a while rates from them. You know one of the one of the priorities. I think for both the benefactors of the Party and and Mitch. Mcconnell others is this idea of some kind of liability indemnification right that employers should be statutorily shielded from any civil suits if they say open up a factory or the workplace. When people come and get sick what do you think of that is that it seems to me that? Mcconnell has already setting that up as like a must have for him in the negotiation that you and he I think ultimately have right well. The bottom line is very simple. They want to say if a employer or boss says to work that you've got to sit next to someone who has Kovin or has all the signs of cloven without any protective equipment and your himself from any liability bull should not happen and it will not happen. Mcconnell got stuck he I said let the states and localities go bankrupt so he knew that was wrong but he still doesn't want to really help so he tries to put this thing out there which helps the big corporate bosses and nobody else. It's not going to stand just like last time when he said. Oh we only do these two things in the first covert bill where he said. We're only going to do p. p. e. p. not help minorities and not help a unbagged people in the second one he's going to have to fold and you know why because the country is on our side this idea that the Republicans have let the private sector solve. The problem is terribly out of day and when Democrats proposed big bold action by the federal government. We're backed up by most of the people. There are questions. Now about voting this this fall particularly. I think brought into to relief by what we've seen happen. In other places in Wisconsin. The last cares. Act Not the three point five on the supplemental for the PC. The act before that the big one. It had money for mail in voting. But there's no sort of federal requirement that states prepare themselves very spotty system. Is that a must have for Democrats is. That's something that that is kind of like bright line for Democrats as a priority to make sure we can have a safe and healthy election. It is really important. I don't underestimate the desire of Republicans to use the covet crisis to prevent people from voting particularly poor people people of color that donal along. Here's a good one in Alabama. If you WANNA vote by absentee ballot you have to have a Notary Public. Sign that you did it now. Who can afford a notary public not a poor Dirt farmer in Alabama not a the inner city resident in Alabama. It's aimed at stopping people. Collared Poor people from voting. We feel extremely strongly that everyone should be able to vote that the Cova crisis should not stand in the way of. What is the hallmark? The wellspring of America which is free fair and open elections and that will be a very important part of the legislation that we're GonNa put forward and we will go to frank like the devil for it. I got two more things I want to get to. I is is is Justin Walker. Who has the Mcconnell Cavanaugh protege. Who WAS GETTING Well the them a remarkable situation of MC McConnell wanting this guy who thirty seven he was rated not qualified for the District Court position that he was appointed to he is ready to qualify for the position which which makes sense. Because he's he wasn't a didn't practice trial law he did clerk for Kevin on a bunch of prominent judges but the priorities here are pretty striking in terms of this being McConnell. Being back to kind of like the judges agenda exactly here we have the. Cova crisis raging we. Democrats have demanded strong. Tough hearings where we bring a she. We bring a MNUCHIN. We bring a Powell. We bring a burks before these committees in that can ask them real tough questions. What IS MCCONNELL? Do Rings in a crony of his. Who'S A HARD-RIGHT GUY? And so out of touch with the Times. This guy is for the repeal repeal of the ACA at a time when people are desperate for healthcare. Mcconnell doesn't do anything about Cova this first week we're back and instead focuses on trying to get someone wants to repeal. Aca on the second most important court. Milan it is so out of touch. With what the American people need and it shows again that Mitch. Mcconnell goes by his ideological supporters. And just about nobody else. It's like you know ostrich the country's Bernie the country's burning and they're fiddling fiddling Niro but I think hoover is the best analogy ostrich named Niro Hoover Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer from his home in Brooklyn. And I thank you for making some time tonight. Sir Thank you. Thank you Chris. Good to be with you. That does it for all in you can catch us every weeknight at on. Msnbc don't forget to like us on facebook that's facebook dot com slash. All in with Chris..

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