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At at okaloosa island and a good looking day all clear and it's going to continue to be that way when's pretty light a little breeze in it makes it feel all that much colder and with these temperatures we're not seeing too much of a breeze so that's nice as we look at the temperatures around the area much colder inland than it is along the coastal zones always the case that's the way it's going to be heading into tomorrow morning and you can see our wind chill values you know they're not too far off from the actual air temperatures since we don't have a you know a whole lot of a breeze blowing and we're expecting that to be the case for the most part tomorrow morning i'm crest view freezing cold around that area this would always tends to show up colder on the map maybe you're in crust you and your thermometer is a little bit different but certainly could see a little bit of a freezing cold weather there answered frosty weather for inland parts of okaloosa county is we get down to the southern part of the county maybe not quite as cold i mean getting on down toward fort walton beach destined for on beach might be in the upper thirty's by tomorrow morning way it's gonna feel called gulf breeze we'll go upper thirty's they're pretty close that in navarre hasten milton oh it's midthirties there i mean for places like jae months bruton out more flothmann tune in those areas into century we're looking at mid thirty's maybe into the low thirty wouldn't surprise me some of those areas did get down to that freezing mark of thirty two as we roll right on down the road here through malino to cantona element and pensacola generally all we're looking at thirty for those areas of your over there involving county i'm just over the pretty though river there are pretty to obey we're expecting similar conditions mainly mid to upper thirty's all the way down to orange beach though in areas like pretty it's gonna be closed at about forty degrees or so barrier islands they've even a little bit above that i'll we've got little still up in the northeast but locally is all dry an all clear nothing showing up and.

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