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Knowing that the current state of health in our country puts everything in a fluid state. But But three weeks from now, Reds pitchers and catchers should be reporting to Goodyear, Arizona. They warmed up this week by picking up Seattle Perez from the Astros. Hector Perez, a right handed pitcher from the Blue Jays. Neither figures to be much of a factor in the starting rotation if it all the bullpen, But they continue to troll for pitching and their rotation, thankfully, still has Luis Castillo in it after last week's adventure with the Yankees. Who plays shortstop for this team this year. And can they finally figure out the three best outfielders? Or do we go into that five man rotation again and again and again? Lot of people think the Reds can win this thing and it down here, the NL Central But no opinion matters more than our favorite baseball analyst from fangraphs dot com is Sunday column is up right now it's up every Sunday. Is Dave Laurel. Dave, How are you on this glorious Sunday? Can I am doing well, a little extra nervous energy because I'm a big Green Bay Packer fan. But I have a hunch that you're hoping to talk baseball and not football with me. Exactly. You know, I'm if you if you're looking for some affirmation, I think the Packers win that game. But but not that my opinion matters. No, I want to talk baseball. I, The Reds are searching for a number of things and let's start with their rotation. There's Luis Castillo there, Sonny Gray. And then after that, You're talking about an aging Wade Miley Tyler Malli, who's shown a lot of lot of potential, Maybe not a realization of that potential and a guy that I think could be a huge factor in that rotation. TJ Antone. But is that good enough in your opinion boy in the NL Central, it could well be. It's a very bizarre division to try to figure out right now. Um, no, they probably need more. I mean, every team needs more. Look it with the San Diego Padres are doing. They just keep adding quality pitching and quality pitching, in part because they can afford it, or I should say want to afford it. I think every Owner in now in Major league Baseball can afford to pay players that they want to, um so Oh, yeah, they could use more. Let's not forget Jose daily on, uh I don't know how much sense of it talking about him and Cincinnati. But what I talked to Eric Jaeger's yeses and pitching coach last month. He mentioned that daily own has Added. A lot of the low on die. Think about a foot of horizontal break to a slider. You know, you know this past past summer that when you look at his background is a top prospect. He is potentially right in the middle of that rotation next year, replacing Trevor Baller. Yeah, and I don't think you can base a lot of what happened on last year at last year's We all know, for It was an anomaly, but, yeah, he came into this team. In the winter of 2019. I I believe talked to him. Very, very nice guy. Newest track record, but he was somebody they were counting on heavily. So you think Daily Daily own could wind up in the rotation? I well, the way that the rotation looks right now, certainly if if you could take Eric Jaeger's at his word, and there's no reason not to, uh, daily own is a very personable guy. If you said any smart S so I would think that with that that type of talent, you know the what he's added with the Reds pitching program. I think he's an outstanding of No rotations possibility. You know Jeff Hoffman, who they just got, you know, is a bullpen arm. Hey, just a few years ago, maybe 34 years ago, he was ranked as one of the top prospects in the rocky system ahead of guys. Maybe three guys who were in the rotation last year. No, it's another change of scenery thing that hey, you know, let's fix this. Let's see what he can do. He's still fairly young, You know, maybe even the lefty Perez kid that they just got from the Astros throws in the in the mid nineties from the left side, the red have a lot of promise with pitching now. I hope so, because that would take Mike Lorenzen out of the conversation for the rotation. I think they with Iglesias gone, They think it's almost a must that Lorenzen is in the back end of that bullpen. Would you agree? Well, I don't know if it is a must can. I think he may be a better fit to for more of a long roll because he can can go length. I think that you know, I'm your garret. I think you should be a solid closer look at them as listeners know. Really stepped up this year. He has great stuff, so I think those two can handle the back of the bullpen. Well, I hope so. The other glaring need for this team is shortstop Jose Garcia played a little bit here last year. But I mean, he had 68 parents is in with 26 times and again, you know 2020 was an anomaly. He's never played to any great degree. Above advanced able there. Three guys that are out there. They're all going to be expensive. Marcus Simeon, d d Gregorius Andrelton Simmons. They're all expensive. Particularly and whose war is nuts. It Z closing in on nine. I mean, they almost have to do something dramatic at that position, don't they? Well, they certainly have to do something. Gregorius is the guy in that bunch I probably would not want because he's left handed, and the red seemed have maybe too many left handed hitters right now. You know Simmons to me now that he is a little bit older. I think we're basically looking at Jose Iglesias. A Zafar is what he would do on both sides of the ball Sammy and would be the most expensive but the best fit if Red's ownership besides that, they want to spend money. Yeah, I have. Ah! When? When Theo Epstein left the Cubs. Not too long ago, Dick Williams was the first person who came to mind. I thought to myself. Did both of these guys step away because they were told by ownership. We're going to go backwards. And with the red. It was right at a time where Dick Williams had built a team that's a legitimate contender. So it would be a shame for this ball club in the fans. If they do suddenly decide well, here's a good excuse with the pandemic that we're not going to spend money. You know, it would be because last year was even though It was an aborted season and the team didn't hit. Well. It was excitement. You couldn't go to the games, their television ratings here in Cincinnati with through the roof semi, and I I like the guy. He did not have a good 20. 2020. But you know in in, I think he I think he had He had 2592 r B I and his last full year in 2019. And I hear you about Gregorius batting from the left hand side. I don't know if there's enough equity left for him on this team. I know it was really regarded highly when they made that trade that All those years ago that brought to here to the to the Reds. Simmons is interesting. Just because of his defense. He acquits himself, okay with the glove, But every one of these guys, Dave, they're making 13 14 $15 million and I don't think they're going to get it anywhere. But I don't see the reds even approaching that for a short stuff to you. Well, that I don't know what they're going to do..

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