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The governor of Wisconsin governor Evers just made an announcement again that their going to put a ban on mascara gap mass gatherings of fifty or more people so they have entered that critical infrastructure services such as grocery stores food pantries child care centers pharmacies and hospitals will be exempt from the order and Canada just closed its border there you go I mean we're all just gonna start hunkering down in the NFL still you know continuing on its business but we're all hungry down and as long as we're healthy and again we're we're all seven for six six feet away from each other we'll be here but I am if not you'll know why let's wait while great story now you want you want crazy on top of it according to Mike Florio the bears have started a conversation with teddy Bridgewater what okay okay Mitchell Trubisky fans here we go if Ryan pace can convince ownership my bad on that second overall pick let's bring in Bridgewater so he can become the Tannahill to the Titans second overall pick in Mario like let's just run that back let's just do that if if we can pull that trick off that would almost be like Kaiser so as a pulled off that trick at the end of the usual suspects and still keep his job while all right Alan Dallas longtime giant fan heard the Clarion call from all of us to say please call in until dolphins fans about that Eric flowers signing al you're on the floor L. Rosenhaus agent of the century they got Eric flowers nineteen million guaranteed on god only knows what I mean he is the my god I I it it changes on to be a football player because anybody can make money in this league man I mean it's not that I'm sure he's a nice kid needs a nice job good lord good lord yeah I mean that that was a long three and a half years he was on our on our squad and he just I don't know what miracles he pulled off in Washington but god bless I mean it Donald who's better Mike McCarthy for for for Kirk cousins because the miracle contracts and he's pulled out of his his **** skews me but this is insane Hey this is insane this has been some couple days if I would have told you that Erik Clausen decided to Garrett twenty million guaranteed or Rick Pitino is going to be storming North Avenue in new rock city I mean would you believe it I hear yeah you take care yourself you will crazy times it's crazy bro crazy time football focus man they just tweeted out to Shawn Watson with the Jordan face on how does that Andrea Hopkins get traded I knew would again I heard it all last year during the trade deadline look out for de Andre Hopkins being on the move in Houston I'm like what no like yep it's not what it's cracked up to be there unlike the guys one of the best in the league is twenty seven years old I mean all you know or one of the best stories in the league with him his mother I mean like what what is why would you take him away from him the Shawn Watson can right off the canton Ohio sunset together like what what what what why re breaking that up what's the point of that I mean if you need to figure out how to spend the money on it you don't figure out how to spend the money on it what we doing here and I got David Johnson of two years ago if that guy shows up in Houston okay him in the eye him into Shawn Watson can do some serious damage together too if will fuller stays healthy and it forever if the whoever if they come up together you know Kenny stills and whoever they draft maybe at the wide receiver position they don't have a first round draft choice that belongs to Miami so you know they needed to get these draft choices I get it but can you Drake is a great guy there in Arizona made David Johnson completely expendable here just seventeen carries in five games after Kenyan Drake arrived in Arizona and he was one of those scratches every single weekend well John McClain is calling from Houston to give us the perspective there Chris Brockman news update on news.

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