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Casanovas journey into the clandestine service of the Venetian inquisition. Like many of Casanovas stories begins with a woman. In this case a non cazenove had every reason to be suspicious of the mysterious letter he received from the non in November. Seventeen fifty three in the seventeen fifty the council of ten which State Security and intelligence in the Republic of Venice employed and extensive network of spies to root out possible plots of treason or other security threats. These crimes were prosecuted by a secretive tribunal of three judges called the state inquisitors. According to Dr Iona I are Donayre a senior lecturer at Oxford Brookes University the Venetian inquisition was one of the world's earliest centrally organized. State Intelligence Services in the sixteenth century the Venetian government made use of the Bouquet de Leon stone boxes shaped like lions mouths where citizens could drop accusations and complaints about their neighbors almost overnight. The boxes were flooded with so many anonymous tips that the government didn't have time to sort through them. Similar systems were utilized during the fifteenth century. Where citizens could anonymously report their neighbors for failing to meet public health standards during the second pandemic of the black plague many of the laws the inquisition enforced were religious in nature blasphemy magic witchcraft and impure behavior. Were punishable offenses. But in truth the inquisitors were less concerned with maintaining a pious society and more concerned with maintaining power their primary purpose was to keep the oligarchy of Venice. In place and Giacomo cazenove had committed the biggest crime of all crossing social boundaries..

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