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An office. Busy looking for the team's next head coach today. They're meeting with Chicago Bears defensive coordinator, Vic, Fangio wonder what kind of mood. He's going to be in right now we're talking live with orange and blue seven sixty hose Andy Lindahl. Good morning Andy corners. What are your initial thoughts on Vic Fangio do you like him? All I can't tell you. It makes me terribly excited to be quite honest with you. I think it will be a coach. Is got round Indicas coaching searching experienced so be I hit job. But I think they'll get a guy. That's a veteran guy kind of goes against the flow is at the profile. What the Joseph was first time to it so on and so forth. So I don't know. We'll see admitted that he hadn't even prepared. Because he was trying to get you the playoffs. So we'll see what kind of impression leaves US Open. I think the team wants to move quickly which could rule out some coaches that are currently with teams. But Big Joe or I should say some coaches that are currently in the playoffs but Vic Fangio's at one of those anymore. One of those head coaches with head coach experiences. John Harbaugh report over the weekend said that the dolphins and Broncos were both seriously looking at him. Is there any truth to that? Do you think? Yeah. I think John's interested that story doesn't seem to go away. Question is the ravens or you know, a high draft pick first round draft choice last time we saw coach treated the raiders gave up a pretty good package picks. And so we'll see April. It's not unheard of actually trade for a coach. But I know this I wouldn't be and I don't think John would want you to treat the number number ten for him. Which is what the Broncos have in the first round. So we'll see I bet you there's interest there. But I don't know where it will go bandied. Do you think there's a front runner if so who well I from what I understand the two guys over the weekend. Both Mike one check in check for Ghana left. Good impressions. And they were over. They were really impressive. Is that Keller young coaching the Rams to now when we spoke to Rams beat writer. He claimed he thought might be open to an OC job and offense coordinator job. So we'll see maybe that's not the route that it all works out with Gary kubiak being in the mix Adam Schefter tweeting yesterday. The Broncos are blocking interviews coach kubiak, which means he's going to probably be in the mix. Somehow to I Mike you nowadays with Adam Schefter. He chose to tweet out the Mike months shack was interested in the Broncos job after having no interest in jobs last year that I think is interesting. So I would put him near the front, but I think Donald left a good impression to Andy with your expertise, Stu any of these coaches. Can they solve the Broncos ills or these any of these candidates that they're looking at are? They the right guy, whichever one they decided to choose which direction they go. I'm marty. I don't have to tell us you've been a player. Yeah. Can help. I think some can bring some more calmness to the sideline in game. But we talked to Bob Kravitz about the last week on our show and Bob kind of put it best. I'm coming in line. With him coaches are sorta dime a dozen till you find the right quarterback too. You have the right star players. And I I just believe it. What would be without Tom Brady? I still think he'd be a great coach. I don't think he'd be wearing jewelry. You know, what about Nick foles? And when he did Doug Peterson. Doug Peterson struggle mightily his first year in Philly. And now the guy might be a back to back Super Bowl champion, if they're run continues to be magical. I think they have to figure out what you're doing quarterback long. It'd be better than a five hundred team. Now, again, think something's coaches can get you to the playoffs. But if you really want to be in the conversation for two weekends now like the patriots have been and all the teams that they're salvage quarterbacks. You've got to figure out who the guy is long term is case keenum be quarterback of this team going forward. And if he is who's the best coach for him. Well, maybe Gary kubiak, he's your plan next year April. But I don't I don't know that they I don't know that they extend I think next year depending on what they get in the draft this year if they choose to draft a quarterback you're supposed to be a better quarterback classes coming in twenty twenty twenty nineteen as far as the draft. So no, I think. Term competition, but cold is going to be out, and we'll probably might have to pay pretty heavy price. But Nick foles. Another playoff when he continues to play clutch some Bronco fans. Coz gonna be available who frankly car bombs should win to yesterday started second half, but chose not know once upon a time the decision Maine and put them in there. Keep the season live John Arbonne went the other way, they're out of the playoffs. So I think I think we'll see some more competition this year potatoes. Yeah, I do too. But I think come twenty twenty that's a different beast. I mean, I could see them drafting a quarterback this year potentially taking one next year as well. I guess the question will be with you do with your first round pick time. Think on on Logan and Louis to show a couple of weeks ago or get them a tight end. I don't care if you get a ten, but he's got to be a playmaker. It's gotta be a spaceship. He's our co host or Coa colleague on orange and blue seven sixty. It's anti Lindahl. Andy, thank you so much for your time and your insight as always, thank you. All right. You too. Boy. Six six seventeen we continue the conversation with Mike Reiss. And be interesting to see what happens where the parents go. Yeah. No doubt about.

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