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But yeah it's just it's a very is a really dark story and we mentioned earlier the manipulation and you know one thing that did happen He convinced a lot of people that he was insane. And they went for it insane insanity plea and then he you know he they even found you know highlights of in books that were owned by gase about insanity you know defense and You know it's just manipulation. All the way down he wasn't he wasn't insane. He is very sick individual. That did very horrible thing right. It was just his way of prepping himself for one he got caught. You know what i mean. He's doing his research on the insanity. Plea and i think that it was kind of interesting when you hear about. I think the cops like went down into that crawlspace prior like weeks prior to finding bodies down there and and and figuring that there is nothing down there. Because there's no mounds of dirt or anything. And then casey gets arrested confesses to to everything and even draws out a map of where all the bodies are down in their k. And it's pretty accurate. I mean almost spot on with where they found the bodies at but then he later claims that he only murdered one person is that first guy that he claimed self defense against that we talked about and he never you know he couldn't get down there to. I don't know. I find it weird that this guy potentially didn't have any accomplices but the reason for that is maybe because of lies that he's telling so he tells that he sends these teens down there to dig the hole because he can't get down in there to do it because he's got a bad back or whatever the excuse was but then he got bodies down in there and moved the bodies down through there. So i don't know like at first. I was like it's just one sick. Do doing all this but the more you think about it..

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