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That's Randy Adams ink YouTube. Randy Adams, and we got a lot of shows we're putting on there. So did you get on their police hit subscribe until 20 people That's my paint. L 20 people. Randy Adams his own YouTube Now with a lot of great information, education, helping people so much to understand what's really going on in the car business, The good, the bad and the ugly. I remember. I buy the good the bad knee ugly in cars, trucks, houses, it don't matter what it is. I do a lot of business both ways and and try to try to help people. Now I sell houses and I've got a great real estate team with me the best I think around by far hardworking, all single women that Really put effort in. They really care about people. They really love people, and you know, there's um There's a lot of people in business that don't love people and take care of them. And there's so many scriptures in the Bible that back that up. Just amazing. Amazing to me. But no, we've launched you to Brandy Adam's Inc Please go there. Tell your friends, neighbors and relatives and subscribe. We're trying to build this channel. Make it the way it should be to give you an even playing field. What's going on in the business? So you're better prepared when you walk in that $50 million business that takes a maid and a half two million ever month open up the door with the overhead that it has That you're prepared for a battle for your money, your back pocket National cause they won't ever available Dollar. I talked about Randolph Brooks, which is a great credit union. They give you extra 30 days because they know when you walk out that dealership. You're not gonna have any spare cash you're gonna have you need a month to get caught up. That's why the manufacturers when they got zero interest rate out there. They gave you six months because they knew that the dealers were going to get a lot of money for their cars, and they were gonna put you in debtor's prison for years. So.

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