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Yeah you're himself you suck at Ralph. Go ahead and talk. We got John to Mike this long time. Back in one thousand nine hundred seventy. I was going to school at Wichita State University Kansas and Spiro. Agnew the vice president came through and I went down and held a sign up. It said Agnew's a crook and I got beat up. Arrested had to go through two trials before I finally got found not guilty of exercising my freedom of speech so way way way way wait you held up signs Spiro Agnew which was the AP did Nixon or something. Yeah was running for president. Dan Or was he you know. Vp or what? Yeah well he was coming and speaking in Wichita and at the time. He was involved in some controversy about getting kickbacks from construction business so I thought he was a crook. You were correct sir. Yeah okay so so you hold up a sign and they charged. You would sign holden. I can't remember the specific charge but the share. The local sheriff was up for election and he had to stormtroopers There must have been. I don't know dozens of them. That all military file came over and started pulling US around and explain it to you. This was what nineteen sixty eight to nineteen seventy. Okay seventy so in one thousand nine hundred seventy you get arrested. Oh Yeah you go to court not guilty and the judge found us all guilty and I think the one hundred dollar fine and we had to civil American Civil Liberties Union right there. They said well if you if anybody wants to appeal it and I think there was four of us did out of how many people maybe eighteen something like that. There wasn't very many. What's that percentage of four of eighteen? Like like like you know twenty five. Yeah that's a healthy percentage but somebody wanted to say no. Yeah I do. Why didn't do anything wrong? So you go and you said and then what happened after. Go to the jury trial and after going through a jury trial and explain to him we get to pick our jury that was interesting on. Sept and they found not guilty. So they're cool. So you got that and you were. How old was twenty years old and born nineteen fifty? Okay so at one thousand nine hundred seventy. You're already you know how the man works pretty much and so you couldn't wait to become. The man didn't want any part of that well. How did you become a legislator? That was after years later. It was in the early nineties. I was in old town. Maine here and The representative physician was up and I'd been in business here. We had a restaurant for a while in the seventies and anyway I thought you know. I'd WANNA be legislator. I had apartment complex. I had them managed by somebody and took care of seventy college students and I had time so I got elected to the legislature. How much of a campaign did you run to just a bunch of money? Well actually I was on the school board. I that was my first foray into politics after your your your foray into politics. Tell me at each level what you'll learn. Well actually if you really want to start with what started it I was working and I became an injured worker and then I was like what a weird weird system you know. Everybody wants a drug you and you know just so anyway. I became an activist and I joined. This group called the United Injured Workers. Some ladies that were being harmed by solvents up at the airport in a factory they got together and were protesting their conditions. No ventilation or not proper ventilation all that anyway. I joined the group and next thing I know it became the chairman and I was going all around the state starting groups and because of the workers comp with a big issue then and You know people are getting killed out there in the workplace because should be safety. I while anyway so then I got on the school board and then I became a representative and when I got down. To Augusta goes curious. They were writing stories like I was the Democrat and in a democratic town so I was the conservative and the Republican was the liberal. That's how they played at all but Anyway I got down there because I told people I I wouldn't pay attention to parties is. It's got nothing to do with anything and never activists in party or anything. I just happen to be registered Democrat. I thought working people small businesses. You know that's where I'd WanNa be not corporations and I got down. Augusta and Speaker Speaker of the House had been speaker for nineteen and a half years. And what happened? One of the things that happened was when there's a close election. The state. Police come confiscate all the ballots in lock them up in a in a room and Augusta in the capital and then when both sides can get together they unlock them and then they count the Dallas Augusta the town in Georgia where they were doing the voting after World War Two. The soldiers came back and they were corrupt and they help seeds the balance and everything. Not Gusta Georgia. Yeah that'd be awesome. That's the same thing. Same name in the same stations Augusta Maine though right. Yeah so anyway. All of a sudden one night the security cards guards caught the speakers top aide in another Democratic Party and the official in the room stuffing ballots. No Sane ain't so I wished I could have but I didn't so Anyway that was I was quite quite interesting. Call ballot gate and but.

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