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Got a different shot for that so I could switch I. Saw Inspired Chad, I'm I. Really Am and I mean this sincerely. Green screen shot I do the lights differently for the. This is the this is the. Dream. This is all about android shot for you there. Chad, we, we should have been this go. Out Right now. Dr. Like like you do for your show. And I'm sure every every time you connect with someone from that studio, you have to go through the same. Wow. Yeah. Here is that it takes. There's laggy moment where it switches between. Yeah, so that's what the that's. My cats come in here and wreck havoc so I have this. Here to stop them from coming into this room when I don't want, the rate stops them because cats. Anyway there's a there's a curtain on it as well. So there's not a curtain, but a curtain. Yeah! I have I have like a here. I can go. I'm sorry I'm sorry. Everyone who is listening and they're like. What are you doing flow, but for video feed like I love to look. Behind the scenes is my favorite. It's my favorite part of. I mean this is. Just amazing. Chad thank you for sharing with with us with. Right. Chad. If People WanNa, find you, of course. You're your youtube channel. YouTube dot com slash. OMG, craft. Couple of channels, but that's your primary one for what? The Big One yeah, yeah, so that one is is the one with over million subs and I post on there the most there watching the little channel video of me going through the one mil sub. Story of of Kind of how I got started. High school with long hair. Yeah Yeah so anyway, so yeah, that's that's the big channel I still do the gives wiz which was started on twitter, so head on over to gives was DOT TV to find out more about that mean. DVD have been going strong with that, and you can support that show on patron, and that's basically it. Follow me on twitter and Instagram, but youtubecom central with craft. Thanks so much for having me. Guys was great to be bad. Chad's the best big Fan of Chad since day one. I remember. When when you're running around her. Brian Brushwood Pre twit. All that yeah I remember it. So Fun Times. Indeed love. Will definitely have you back again soon it.

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