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Be a stupid co video. Wow s 8 48. Let's go to the phones here, Joe and Baltimore. Good morning, Joe. Good morning, Shun. And good morning, Bruce A bunny. Say that with this. Oh, a C place. Think of the fact that the mail in ballots are going to be delivered to that location. And guess what? I'm sure they're going to be sure that they get to the right person. So that they could be voted properly. You know, if you if you re if you actually go and see the whole video that James O'Keefe has a project Veritas, there's another place called the M S House. In Atlanta. Same problem except the guy that was running. It gets a call from one of his employees and any any rushes over there, and he finds stacks. Thousands of mail in ballots and the employees is you better get these out of here. On. This is just this just happened in the last week. Yeah. So this is still going on in Georgia. Thank you. Camp Rapids Burger sterling at all, And they are they've been nailed dead to rights here, then these air just two of the ones that we've caught. Imagine how how rampant this is how massive this is not just in Georgia, but in other jurisdictions. Yes, The other thing is, is that what But if you just play that little segment that you played, it sounds very reasonable that these people need I d. But on the other hand, they don't need to have his as a voting address because otherwise, every voting at you know they convey their votes can be stolen from them without them even being aware Well, it's also against Georgia law. Norgle. You have to actually live there. Now The homeless person lives there. That's a different story, but they don't because they use an address as a front. What the law I mean way. Just want these people to have good things. So there's the wisdom Yes, pure like you, Joe Appreciate it's a 49. When I tell you about a good friends and your coverage done. Did you know my recent Medical excursion through several different facilities. You realize it's important that you have great insurance, not just good insurance, but you also need great engine and it's expensive today. And he was self employed. Unemployed..

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