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Of t score two or three vasquez. What do y'all do which your team if someone's scores three times in a row on me and someone on my team says we're gonna switch. I put my head down. And i'm sad about it but i switch. It's just the way it goes. It feels better and nothing feels better than when they switch on you. 'cause i'm not a score. He does not that could have basketball. But another feels better. If you start the game with three straight buckets and there's some of the other team is like i got him switched. It makes me feel so good it just because you said my point was up. I want to let you know that. I'm out officially listed. Et six feet eleven inches okay. So you're right onto we were at this. I got something that ain't wrong though. Here's the people that guarded jaanus j. Tucker twenty one possessions guarded dreaming up here to people that guarded kevin durant and how often. Pj tucker twenty one possessions. Chris middleton fourteen possessions brook lopez three possessions pack connotation two possessions janas david beckham and another thing is is you know better than anyone who really watches him and he knows this. You can start to possession guarding kevin durant data. Doing but they ended up doing is they. Just they just put they put robin lopez may have come pick and then come on come on and then when you asked about say.

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