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Kelly Clarkson finally learns how her name made it into that iconic '40-Year-Old Virgin' scene


One of the most memorable lines from one of the best comedy of the two thousands may be the best comedy from the two thousand how to works and become yeah for your virgin and it seems so random right they Kelly Clarkson would be something he's okay so Steve Carell's gettin his chest very hairy chest waxed in the forty year old virgin eye conic scene and he's getting his chest waxed and you know and he's a forty year old virgin he doesn't swear how did Kelly Clarkson become a swear word Judd Apatow the director of the movie was on the Kelly Clarkson shell and Judd Apatow showed that any told her shoulder actually that they actually had a cardboard poster on set with two columns of swear words for Steve Carell to drop on because he didn't it's where one side was was full of actual profanity well the other side had goo fear less serious exclamations and that Kelly Clarkson's name was right in the middle it's so he just saw the poster drew on on recall memory what made the waxes chest that was real there's no C. GI there it was not fake he wanted to be real so they're they're really doing is is just as very hairy and so when he gets there he stops halfway through it he's just got a smiley face like one on one pack one on the other end and one down by his belly button it's a it's a smiley face that he has left Kelly Clarkson told Judd Apatow yeah that's amazing glad I made it between burger patties in throbbing monkey tail those are two other swear words that were on the

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