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She did a lot of that before and that would have been really exciting to see, you know, like nobody gets that position without enforcing I. Yeah, where's that words in story like it. Yeah, I mean, but none of the characters here well written or really make any sense. Yeah, so good movie. I mean, I just a weird movie. It's weird movie. Tom Cruise is a is a weird man. I got terrific teeth. Tom Cruise is problematic is help, but I honestly quite enjoy him and I like his movies. He is an actor who leads with his teeth, which is wild. Like if you watch Tom Cruise act, his teeth somehow, are I like, you know, like some people lead with their hips. But. Just like going into every role tooth. First Jansen Tom Cruise is running toward you or run front somewhere t I. Shining. I think he just has one gigantic tooth and then draws the line. He's a complicated man. This movie the first mission possible movie is not the great. I have never seen any of the TV show, so I don't really familiar with the source material. Kind of goofy. Yes, I'm sure it's like can't be sixties like super camp kind of thing. But as the movies go on, they get better and better. I think goes protocol might be my favorite. I liked three enough to buy it on DVD mission possible to is objectively a bad movie, but the rest are like pretty pretty decent, and I think easier to understand. So I think the first one and the first two are just like, what the fuck is happening in this movie. Eat out, but I think they get better as they go on. But yeah, so this is a franchise I enjoy when I'm not looking at it through the Bechtel cast lens. But when I am doing that, you know, it's not hard to see that this franchise does not treat women, especially well. There are certainly franchises that do a much worse job. There are some that maybe do a better job, but action franchise. You'd be hard pressed to find one that like is a feminist masterpiece because I can't think of any off the top of my head that are. Alien this true? Yeah. I mean, there are like good female action. Here's some of whom we've covered on this podcast. But as far as this particular formula goes where it's like a male action lead, which is ninety percent of them, I'd be interested if any of our listeners could come to us with a male action lead franchise that has female characters that are treated well. Yeah, because certainly like as we discussed already, bond does not do a good job, Indiana Jones does not do a good job. Yeah. So yeah, action franchises have a long history of not treating women. Well, speaking of does movie pass the Bechtel tests. Clone women don't even make eye contact in this movie. It's crazy. And it really, I wrote down. I was like this scene where they're all prepping. This scene where they are prepping the scheme is like the seven minute Mark. I was like, they are going to have women talk to each other. We're gonna get it and they don't never even two women in the same room man to tease you at the top, like. They don't even look at eight charter. I went back and rewatch the scene partially to check out Amelia's tips. But mostly to see if women even look there, Tony, even look at each other, there's no acknowledgement it's mostly Tom Cruise being like, can we get a cappuccino machine? My needs. I want to better coffee deny. Have. And then you Jon Voight like, yeah, my wife made that coffee, and then she's like, I made that coffee and of seen. Yeah. Yeah. Because if people haven't seen this movie at a while, it's like Tom Cruise trying to do what he thinks adults do at work when they joke around. It is really weird. Or grownup. It's really like he like flip through some Dilbert was like, this is probably it. They talk about camping, chino boss a room. Good enough for me. My name is Ethan. So let us rate the movie on our nipple scale where we raise the movie based on its portrayal of women, zero to five nipples una have to give this one..

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