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Here's Dave Fleming. Thank you. On this beautiful night in San Diego. Giants have some work to do. Now to nothing was the final score yesterday. Do nothing Padres years. We go to the third tonight. I pitch to Stephen douger is a fastball. High for ball one Duggar who hit leadoff yesterday against the opening day starter Eric lower against this. He's down on the seven spot in the lineup. Erik Kratz on deck and pitcher Derek Colin wind up the one oh. And that one is in there for a strike ninety mile an hour fastball. Duggar had a good spring and has earned. What will be a lot of playing time particularly with James outfield situation the way it is you're gonna play just about every day. One one pitch minded into right field it and it should be extra bases. This one headed toward the corner. Calvin flies off his Duggar digs for second. He looks for deciphered as third base coach Ron Williams gets the stop sign. So he slams on the brakes of all is picked up in the corner by Ray as he relays it back in leadoff, double Stephen douger. Well, you don't know if you're on water saw the exchange is going to go once reas throws in. But Kinzler did not handle the the throw from Rao's. Otherwise Duggar would have made it into thirty easily. But you don't know that you can go by there's nobody out. Get that guy thrown out at third with nobody out. Good point Duggar really wanted to go. He did he had a hard time dropping anchor. I gotta tell you that the brakes were burning. Here's Erik Kratz. The problem with it's the one spot where maybe taking a risk trying to get to third with nobody out. Is a little more worth it. You got the eighth place that are up in the pitcher on deck Kratz takes outside ball one. That's not to say that the giants can't turn this into run. They absolutely. Can they get several cracks to do it? But this is also a spotty right? Davor in the in the National League. You'd normally want to hit the ball the right side that now no Kratz who's trying to get a hit knock him in. He takes low. That's that chur changeup. Curveball combo in the dirt ball to now. Now who knows what happens with the h somewhere down the road that ends up in the National League. Then that changes everything it does. It's an easy. How if you change the rule? Some of the things that have come. So naturally used to how you watch game in the National League goes away. Pitch crafts. It's one on one hop too short Duggar breaks for third the thrall from Todd and Machado tags. Well, Duggar he broke the rule if it's hit in front of you don't go, and I'm not sure why he went it wasn't hit that hard. Maybe he read it as a liner. That was gonna get past the shortstop, but one hop. Todd tease added and from there was a pretty simple place. A douger is thrown out at third Kratz safe at first one away. I mean, that's classic baseball one on one. You just can't go. Can't go there that was that was too easy for the Padres to get that lead runner. Now, he knows it could still. Now, you're a catcher running it. I would one out of the pitcher up totally different scenario. Holland squares bun bunch of foul strike one onwards hard to try to become a better butter. Remember last year that the giants pitching staff? How can we put it nicely? They suck for a long time trying to but they were not good. He did get a little better. Finally, Holland is not showing. But here he swings away and tops one foul on to. The Holland last year. Visit hitter member he told Mike, and I could hit three for fifty three. In terms of backing up the talk. Well, yeah, he went from I could hit to you know, I hit the ball pretty hard. I don't know that she was a Forty-five hopper to the second baseman. He's a switch hitting pitcher. Sounds like a false hustle. Yeah. It's easy. Looks.

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