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I up. He gets one on a catch and shoot he gets one drive like he just does it all in different ways and he does it all in different spots on the floor pretty good transition guy. He's got that those hard drives arrives to his right hand which again I think win can really set him up. Their teams really started playing toward that once he became the focal point of the Pacers offense after two or three weeks with the old depot going down so yeah I think he could be a valuable player. It's just when a guy has a career at twenty nine you just you wonder a little bit. and I think especially defensively defensively you could be poised to take a little bit of a step back but I think he's definitely going to contribute to be sure Let's see here what else I want to ask. You are what you see is like the big strength to this team. Uh if any that we haven't discussed yet I mean the questions whether they can still be elite defense. That's GONNA by the way back to what you were talking about. Before we got derailed the the other the question you brought up in there that I think because the the questions is the jazz had the best shot quality of any team in league and they just didn't make any Rubio is the worst point guard chuck while in his cue which which is the same staff. We've been talking about where compared to what average player would have done what he performed Jae Crowder second-worst favors. It's one of the least good you know and we're though shots open open because of Quin Snyder system or were those shots open because they were being taken by Ricky Rubio Jae crowder derrick favors and so no one needed to guard those player. I don't know the answer to that question. It's probably unfair fair to say that about Rubio and crowder but I'm not we'll find out on the system. I mean Joe Ingles has a pretty good shot. Quality without shooters random lead you to believe that he should be able to get good shots but back to what you were talking about before. That's that's the real question if Quin Snyder is offensive system has been the reason these guys are getting these looks whole boy. This team is going to be something yeah and if they were getting those looks because they were as good as shooters than but then you know that will open things up in theory for Gobert Conley and Mitchell. Do you pick and roll working being right to laugh so he's got his left hand with Joe Ingles in the near side or Bouillon is boy on the nearside Corner Joe Ingles in the far corner so each of them plus fifty fifty percent corner and you have Donovan lifted weakside. How do you defend it? Yeah I mean you probably would have to you know that down to an and leave googlers man back at the Rim and give up the floater to Kali. That's probably your your hope there. I mean you love him but it's GonNa be hard to guard. I agree with you Let's see what else pops out here is as a strength yeah I mean the pick and roll play. We talked about that. Obviously spot shooting a call that do you think they'll be good good defensively. I was stunned. Pelton Steve Ratings still had Adam really good like had the best in the West do you. Where do you think they rank defensively this you know I don't believe they will be as good defensively number one? you know the favorites. The loss of favorites I think is big both minutes that he played with Gobert and then also it's really one of the better defensive backup center as well. You know I think from him to Davis is a little bit of a step down not the good is player but it and he had a really good RPM constantly last year but I thought that was a little bit of a it'll just small sample size theater there and that they were so bad with jared Allen on the floor but I think at Davis will be good but I thought Eric Derrick favors made so many strides these last two three years defensively pensively himself so I think those are the reasons that I could see them taking a significant step back and then each as well I think you're right but when he just play Devil's does advocate with you and tell me what you think of this and I think I'm GONNA shoot my own theory before before I really throw it out there because I think the only reason this is flawed is it maybe it's against all backup minutes but if you look at the defensive rating for the last three seasons when go bears on the floor and favors is off in sixteen seventeen. It's a one zero four point six so that that was in the eighty seven th percentile in seventeen eighteen when favors is often go bears on its in the it's a one Oh it's a ninety seven ninety six percentile ally believe it ninety nine point nine and last year when favors had his best defensive you're even when he was off. They were still ranked up in in the top. I think high eighty eight percentile overall ninety first percentile one zero five point four so they have shown over last three for years that just go bear on the floor is still pretty elite defensive team yeah I I see more of the of the of the problem when go bears there's off the floor and he doesn't have favors bags. I think they'll still be pretty good. I mean I'm interested to see again of like what's really going to happen when you at the end of games you gotTa Outta guard some of those bigger wings and who who that's going to be AD is having your Bogdonovich get that done when he's got an elite guy and go bare behind yeah I mean I think one thing that is going to help Utah is that you don't have this team anymore. That has just like the incredible shooting of Golden State or even you Houston. I think with Russell Westbrook on the floor now there's a place to help off a little bit more so most of these teams that are going to be going against going to be playing. Bigs are not going to be spacing the floor. You're like crazy. Now you think Gobert in the playoffs can be more effective not that he wasn't effective in previous years but I think just generally there's going to be more guys for him. The Guard at the game than there have been with more teams kind of going back to more traditional. Look yeah I mean Marcus Oil and Karl. Anthony towns guys have been the nemesis I think that's when you're gonNA miss favors his match-ups where you could put go baron Taj Gibson because derrick favors Karl Anthony towns and so then but there aren't that many leave them I mean I guess Dallas will be interesting match up to Powell right until they put kristaps center and then then the off Dhabi it seems like Dallas. Vs to play if they played porzingas at center that will be but Yeah Dallas will be in the playoffs probably at least won't be match UP WITH UTAH. seems unlikely any weaknesses Thatta pop out to you that we haven't touched by. Oh I think there's three I think age could be an issue an injury history from commonly. He's missed basically to the last the last three years and had an unbelievable season or no. I'm sorry he's missed two of the last port. I can't figure out what I really think on the injury issue might calm right so he had an injury. Sorry slagged season where he played twelve games than he had a fifty six but all the others have been seventy plus. I mean I think it's five of the six five of the seven or seventy class so I've the concern is just to heal and the Achilles. That's been recurring issues in that area. Just being thirty two year old point guard right age talked about early. I think there's a lot of giving that has to be done out of this. I think that's that's an issue. I've got one for you and then I Dante exum or Emmanuel. Moody has to be good. I think maybe not but yeah because they're not gonNA play commonly more than thirty minutes a game in the regular season currently Mrs Donovan Starting Point Guard Right. I mean they really have tried right everything they could to not do that but they've got so many other guys now it does. I mean that's what I would do. I mean the noticeable thing to me about. This team is so different is they have five guys in the top sixty players. It just means you always have to really good players on the floor who so those being Mitchell Conley go bear and singles yeah. I'd have to really go right never really do much ranking beyond the top twenty or so those guys don't scream top sixty guys though certainly guys who can shoot and defend I would buy ingles as an underrated guy top sixty might be pushing it a little bit for me. Put both the aunt had him right there so I I do disagree with those rankings on occasion of although I have contributed to espn tell you what you go look. It's a lot easier to say. Someone's not atop sixty player than find me to forty players. You think that same accents like you say he's in the top sixty player and then I go tell you who sixty three eighty are on the list it'd be like is the top sixty like that might be driving. I haven't looked at it as I said but I've a weakness for you transition. I think this team is really going to be that good in transition. They don't really have anyone who pushes the ball. I mean I think that's I think there's a bigger ask on Mike Conley. That's being talked about right. He's got changed plays a little bit like he's. He's not played with really good players before so that's GonNa be a different thing to. I'm so somewhat you're I mean. The best transition player on this team is Bogdonovich. I'm really interested to see if not only in transition but just in the half court they're gonNA play faster threat. They love all these passes. They love all these pick and rolls. Mike Conley for years Memphis been one of the slowest pace teams offensively while the jazz who are always among the league the leaders I guess if you WANNA stay leaders of most shots in the last seven seconds or whatever it is of the shot clock so is that going to change this year because they have more options or are they are you gonNa Kinda sink into that and and you know if you're not getting easy points in transition you can be really effective in the half Dallas was like this last year. We were really effective in the half court art but yet your overall production is a little bit more middling because you're still not getting those many easy points in transition so they're only issue from that standpoint point zero to four. They're stunningly good for two seven on the shackled so zero before the Jazzar badges like everyone else they shoot thirty nine percent effective field goal percentage and it's bad and they did it. They were below hello. They didn't do it as much as everyone thinks they did. Last year they eight point three percent which is about right at the league average but if you go to the.

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