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Who trailed by as many as 17 them a secondhalf didn't lead at any point before over time but they win this one eighty three seventy six westwood one what the call charleston clutching its first nz wwii tournament appearance since 1999 their fifth over fifth overall first since 1999 earlier on espn radio coach earle durant canister regal you know our limbo goulden ask you would 1990 was my whom the ecology calls invaded to tournament eight who maryland and i had a cousin of the law profitable clay of el chapo metal and i remember i remember talking laurent they've got a tough draw this first routed in college which also actually beat them in their first round and so it our bed with that i was a figured high school rally and out shut down to watch the incidentally tournament in the cafeteria of the big trade is kind of weird get bang back and see how has it been that long you know so you know obviously uh i haven't had a chance to reflect on it but i'm really i'm really happy in a crowd yeah don't drink red your with david seaman's here on espn radio joe chilly game i thirty two point to the win for charleston he had 16 of 16 from the free throw line colonial conference tournament record for free throws made and trolls than go into the tournament college basketball's in the home stretch obviously tune in for the sec tournament on wednesday presented by zell coverage begins it's six thirty eastern on espn radio espn radio dot com and the espn app for the northeast conference.

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