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It i wish i could give you better information but um ghali an apple never tells me nothin' now let me add i told us on i my gut my gut his it will be it will be in october okay okay thanks for the call let's try dan again let's see if we can get dan on the line hi dan a lil i'm sorry about that welcome hey uh i got a couple of questions i i'm looking for a budget tremblor uh we at least forty two hundred years ago okay and my mom's looking to spend about to fifty three hundred uh the problem hugh having her does he have having trouble hearing um dialogue yeah so she will wondering availa wine where we could you know uh renew center channels we could yes almost all of these will allow you to to boost the center channel the idea of a sound bar is it replaces the surround sound system with fi five or six or seven or eight speakers with a single long speaker right at the tv but if you look inside a sound bar there are multiple speakers inside the sound bar and that's how they get you know kind of they simulate surround sat and they do have separate center channel's uh i'm looking at the wire cutter which is one of my favorite reviews sites they really are doing a bang of job and they say the vezio smart casts his there is at the top of a very short list two hundred fifty dollars which is a pretty darn good price mmm uh and uh it has all the features you'd want wireless in wired connectivity support for blue tuesday could play your phone music through it it supports google cast which another great way to send audio to it it as an optical input which is probably what you're going to have on the tv to make sure you get an optical cable the goes from the tv to it but it also supports hemi and that your tv may work better with the the audio return channel h d m i although most of the time you wanna connects an optical cable also topped a bone better than 'cause i do each year my on that you'll want to ill most every case you use optical coming out of the tv into the sound.

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