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The KFI twenty four hour newsroom a man from Whittier accused of going after his, wife with a chainsaw has been. Charged with seven felonies including attempted murder and aggravated mayhem the attack last week, happened in front of the couple's three boys immigration officials say the attacker. Had been deported eleven times over the past thirteen years first responders have airlifted a woman who fell about twenty feet down a wash and into a river bed near Thenia street and Canoga Park, City fire, department says the woman has suffered, non life threatening injuries a judge in l. a., sentence Amanda. Probation for a threat to kill democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters. The man left. A voicemail in waters is DC office last year lawyer Anthony Loyd. Says his client had gotten worked, up by political speech she was suffering from substance abuse and he was very isolated from. San Pedro, says he deeply regrets making the phone call investigators. Say the man is no weapons and no criminal record a woman in lake forest has, been. Stung hundreds of times by, a swarm of bees Sees she's in critical, condition in. The hospital to Orange County. Fire authority firefighters were also stung and are in stable condition, streets around the swarm, on Brooklyn lane were closed gondolas in Newport harbor may soon be floating off into, the sunset gondola adventures owner Greg. Morris has people have been using the romantic ride to propose for twenty five, years we have a fleet of fifteen gondolas and a large staff of. Gondoliers and striped shirts and I've got to find a home for all of them and it's got to be in a place that people can find more says even though his clients in Newport, or mostly, romantic couples dock managers assume the, commercial business attracts drunk partners more has until November, to find. A new dock almost two dozen people on a tour. Boat have been. Hurt by a lava explosion in Hawaii Alaba made a hole in. The roof of the boat one, passenger broke a leg others have scrapes burns that people were aboard a boat that takes. Visitors to, see lava from the killer way of volcano plunging. Into the ocean the leaders of the US and Russia had met in Finland President Trump And vitamin Putin talk terrorism the crisis in Syria and the to stop the spread of. Weapons of mass destruction they also discussed the alleged Russian. Meddling in the two thousand. Sixteen US presidential election Trump says the Russian investigation has been a disaster his word for America and hurt his relationship with Russia I think it's. Kept us apart it's kept us separated there was no collusion, at all Everybody knows it, Trump says, he doesn't see any reason why Russia would interfere in the election Republican Senator John. McCain says press conference with Trump and Putin was one of the most. Disgraceful performances by an, American president in memory he says it's. Clear the summit in Helsinki it was a tragic mistake. McCain is chairman of the Senate. Armed Services committee he. Says President Trump proved not only.

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