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Obviously in afghanistan what has cold spots during the winter time so there there's a lotta mountain stuff going on there but because of the major getting credit there's a lot of the army but that i follow on twitter and social media who were getting upset near like hey the marines have to go to a special places the train this is where we at we literally just had the army navy game or our patch on our uniform was tent mountain so we are used to being a mountains right that being said connor and i wanted to talk a little bit about where we would prefer what climb in every climb in place what climb would you prefer to do some warrant if you had to pick again so i've never fought or done really any sorta while now there was one time a field exercise in texas when as a forty texas where there was actually snow now would be my only experience in the military with snow and then obviously i have a lot of experience in the desert but i got to be honest i think it would be the snow for me i'd rather fight in the cold in the snow and here's why i think the human body for me at least once i'm hot forget it i'm hot among comfortable i'm sweating and it takes a lot for me to cool down and to get comfortable again whereas with the cold is always your dress properly in that neil goes back to what i was saying house fine on at the game on saturday if you're dress properly for the weather and both your feet in your hands are not cold it really isn't bothersome for may side does it doesn't really make me wanted just cry for the desert i think i would handle the cold just fine and for that reason.

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