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S and Europe. I'm Jennifer King. California judge says that seventies show actor Danny Masterson must stand trial and three counts of rape. The determination was made in the fourth day of a preliminary hearing, including dramatic and emotional testimony from three women. I'm Jackie Quinn. AP News virus Levels Dropping, I'm Jackie Quinn with an AP news Minute The head of the U. S. Centers for Disease Control says America's reached another welcome low in the number of new virus cases are 70 averages about 27,700 cases per day. This represents yet another decrease of more than 19%. Dr Russo Belinsky is crediting more people getting vaccinated. Police in Orange, California are looking for the driver of a white sedan who fired into a vehicle, killing a six year old boy in a road rage incident. The two Bureau of Prisons workers who were guarding financier sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The night he died in a New York jail, admit that they falsified records suggesting that they had checked on him. President Biden is awarded 94 year old retired Army Colonel Ralph Pocket the Medal of Honor for bravery in Korea, awarding an honor. It is long over due. I'm Jackie Quinn. I Mike Rossi, a reporting president. Biden plays down any rift among Democrats regarding Israel. At a joint news conference with South Korean President Moon Jae In late Friday, President Joe Biden affirmed his and the Democratic Party's support for Israel. My party Still supports Israel..

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